Monday, February 15, 2010

hearts and balloons | the sequel

just when i'm about to enter dreamland, i felt his hand in my arms softly shaking me. it was already two in the morning and we have to leave in one hour to make sure we catch the morning balloon flight. realizing that he can't wake me up that easily (as i was still pretending to be asleep), he planted soft kisses on my forehead; tracing my nose before finally ending at my lips.


now insert the juicy story here, use your imagination.

but i want to assure you, we still made it to the hot air balloon fiesta.



and no post-valentine greetings to you, guys. baka masaksak ako!


  1. i hear the balloon festival wasn't as good as the previous year?

    anyway, nice to know you enjoyed v-day. =)

  2. waaaah you had a great shot of the sun!!! weeeee!!! =)

  3. wow.. always wanted to watch an air balloon show..

  4. ang mas interesnte na tanong: sino yung kasama mo? ;)

  5. wow, sheeeeeeeet! ang ganda naman niyan! makapunta nga minsan sa ganyan. It would have been better kung nakasakay kayo ng hot air balloon and waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better kung dun ka niya hinalikan at kung ano pa man while riding the hot air balloon.

    Inggit ako. The scene looks sooooo romantic!