Tuesday, February 2, 2010

severing ties

it has been going on like this for months now. i never paid that much attention to your actions knowing that you have your freedom to act the way you wanted to. still, what puzzles me most is the fact that i am not aware of any reason for our falling out. that, or maybe i'm just too insensitive and full of myself. well frankly, i don't care anymore. to each his own.

i consider you one of my friends; one of the closest, in fact. most of the things about me, you know of. but if keeping my secrets burden you, by all means, go and never look back. you have your great company now. go and enjoy.

i am not a fan of reaching out especially to those people i knew i never wronged. if i did something bad to you, i'll make amends. but you dropped me just like that.

i handle things my way, did so for the last fifteen years of my life. people come and go in the picture. so there's no use grieving for lost friendships. if you can call it that.

after all, as far as my insensitive self understands, friends do not judge each other.


i can be a bitch, too. watch me.