Wednesday, March 24, 2010

dear john | the prospect

dahil pangarap ko ding maging inspirational diva katulad ni migs at tristan, i opened up an account in another site to be able accept messages from my dear readers. after all, i'm pretty sure, marami rin naman kayong matututunan sa mga pagkakamali at kalokohan ko sa buhay. i will try to give my very best advice pero ingat lang, i just want you guys to know na isa akong kunsintidor.

and so, for it's first installment, here is a letter from jp.


hello john stanley,

i was going to comment that it would be difficult to get to know you through your mask when you yourself keep your face hidden in your profile. i suppose one has to read your blog to look further within.

i guess the question here is: is your face picture worth a thousand words? :)

i'll be honest and say that i'm looking for either friendship or a hook up (not a relationship). i suppose it's john for friendship and stan for a hook up, right?

who are you at this particular time?





nakakaloka ka, koya!

discreet ang drama ko kaya wala akong face shots sa mga profiles ko. but more than reading my blog, you have to personally see me to know the real me. kaya lang nakakatakot ka, koya. sa photo mo, parang pinandidilatan mo ko!

right now, i am bordering between the traits of john and stan. now, you make up your mind. in writing me, what was your real intention? you said, you're in for either friendship or a hook-up. i don't hook up with prospective friends and much the same, i don't befriend those i hook up with.

i can be john or stan depending on the circumstances.

you choose.

postscript. parang hindi yata inspirational ang kinalabasan nito.


  1. So Tristan was right, marami nga sa blogspot ang naghahanap ng hookies?

  2. thanks... I'm liking what I'm reading anyway :)

  3. Kakalurkey ang post na ito.. diva diva-han. Bakit ang mga nageemail sa kin, hook up lang yata lahat? Haha.

    Goodluck sa bagong career!



    P.S. Galen, naman.

  4. blogsphere may mga nakikipag hook up?

    "i can be john or stan depending on the circumstances"- ganun! LOL

    pero much better if you guys stays friends... ay pavergine nanaman ako LOL

  5. Nimmeru@yahoo.comMarch 25, 2010 at 4:57 PM

    first time visitor here and i'm loving your blog already. thumbs up! :)

  6. @galen: i don't know. virgin pa ko sa blogspot hookies, hehehe!

    @robert: thanks, do come back for more. :)

    @cj: ? ka din, hahaha!

    @tristan: salamat mare.

    @popoy: ganun ako ka-dynamic. :P

    @nimrod: thanks for dropping by.