Monday, March 1, 2010

month-end | a gem for february

it's not amethyst. the gem's name is jason.

we've met under very ordinary circumstances. coming out hungry from the gym, i decided to do a quick stop at a fastfood restaurant somewhere in libis. there i found him sitting in one of those small round tables with a girl. he was looking at me when i came in. being the tease that i am, i looked back. no, i think i stared. one, two, three. then a naughty grin. alam na...

and this happened many months ago.

that supposed one-night encounter was repeated many times. of all those i brought to bed recently, he was the only one i kept in touch with. his was the only mobile number i saved. with him, i broke my sacred rules and did not even bother to reason with myself.

and yes, he's the one i first invited to share my bed.

but now, he's more than just a bed partner...

for our journey together has finally begun.


  1. and Manech said I was the teaser?! You make teasing as simple as ABC... ahaha

  2. Best wisheeeess senyong dalawa!!!!

    Naka one month na ba nining?

  3. parang bitin 'tong post mo. CONGRATS nonetheless! :)

  4. @iuri: ay ang linis ko kaya! tease = iurico ang tunay na equation.

    @galen: officially, wala pa, hehehe.

    @mksurf8: at ano pa ang gusto mong isulat ko dito? ahihihihi!

    @conio: thanks.

    @engel: thanks din. o ang tanong ko, sagutin! hahaha!