Tuesday, March 2, 2010


"i'm back in manila."


i first noticed him while i was running in the treadmill. surely, no one will miss his towering height and mestizo features. while there are a lot of models at the gym that night, he was able to make his presence felt. he has that air of confidence around him. he exudes that "i don't give a damn" presence.

he is obviously a man of power. he exhibits that kind of aura belonging only to the top brass. and i, obviously, was mesmerized.

from across the room, i examined his every actions, trying to find even the smallest of hint that will give away any hidden personality. from where i was standing, he looked every bit straight. but as the saying goes, looks can be quite deceiving.

i tried taking my mind away from him and concentrate on my work out. any minute now, my trainer will come back to see how i am doing with my new routine. i was only halfway through my schedule for the night and there are still a lot more to do. but i admit, his presence continued to tease me, even as i tried to put it at the back of my mind.

half an hour later, i was alone and sweating it all out in the dry sauna when he came in. i was seating at the far end of the room and he was standing near the door. from where i am, i can see him stealing glances at me. i looked at him and acknowledged his presence. he walked towards me and sat by my side.

with only a piece of towel covering his nakedness, i can still sense that power. i thought i heard him speak but was not sure as my mind was wandering. i looked at him and realized that he was, indeed, talking to me.

the conversation was friendly in nature. i found out he's from the city of angels and was only on a business trip for a few weeks. he is pure filipino.

imagine this: there i was, seated right next to a hot guy with only the two of us inside a hot room and we were just talking. i almost resigned to the fact that the guy is straight when, out of the blue, he put his hand on top of my legs. i searched his face for answers but instead of that brooding look, i saw a naughty smile.

and in that little room, he exhibited his power,

the power that i eventually conquered.


"i'm back in manila."

photocredit: solarbody


  1. awww you cheated? i am so disappointed lol...IDOL talaga kita ha ha..

  2. tugon sa "i'm back in manila.":

    sorry, i'm in a committed relationship already.

    pero alam nating lahat na hindi YAN ang isasagot mo.



  3. Simple lang yan: share the blessings, please pass.


  4. Naughty with a hint of TARAY mo lola! go for gold!

  5. @jr: hay, assumptionista ka kuya, ha! hehehe. mwahhh, aaaaaaayyyyyyy! bawi-bawi, hahaha!

    @engel: am i? i didn't realize that, hahaha!

    @rudie: i know! pero pwamis, i'm coming clean with this.

    @ternie: ano naman akala mo sa akin, talande? helloooooooooooooo!

    @joel: hahaha, let's check the schedule, 'teh. =)

    @dhon: korek! go for gold? hahaha, i go to gold's (gym), hahaha, ang korni ko lang!

    @bunwich: naughty. astig. and more. ahihihi. (makiring tawa!)

  6. ayan!!!! Malinis ha?????!?!?!?!!!!!!

    ang daming exclamation mark. haha

  7. well, welcome back to Manila :D

  8. Welcome back John.