Thursday, April 29, 2010

on a serious note

yesterday, i placed a reservation for the purchase of a 116-square meter house and lot in a subdivision overlooking the east ridge golf club in binangonan, rizal. i just hope this will stop me from living the crazy carefree life that i have right now and put an end to all my ridiculous spending.

after five months of condo-living, i guess it's clear to me now that this is not how i want to spend the rest of my days. while i enjoy all the perks and benefits of being at the center of everything, the inner promdi in me still prefers the luxury of a laid-back lifestyle away from the hustle and bustle of the big city.

i dream of breathing fresh air in the morning on top of my kingdom, lush greenery all around, and yet still with full view of a magnificent city skyline. i dream of a friendly environment where i can move freely and just be me. i dream of sharing my piece of paradise with a wonderful family, oh yes, that cute little dog included. i can already imagine the early morning jog around the village, the hearty breakfast, the kulitan and the lambingan.

i hope this would be the initial step towards fulfilling that dream. true, an expensive step but i know it will all be worth it. now, all i have to do is shape up and be serious.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

i am sorry

i'm not sure if, after what happened, you can still find comfort in visiting my blog. if you decide to wander away, i really cannot blame you.

had i known that what i did will spark such a reaction from your end, i would have never told you about what i found out. for that, i am deeply sorry. rest assured that everything will forever remain hidden and will only be known to the both of us.

good luck and always be at peace.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

good times | breakfast kulitan

we were having breakfast inside a fastfood somewhere in quezon city when, out of nowhere, jason started acting silly.

jason: ano bang meron ka? ba't ba adik na adik ako sa 'yo?

john stan: ah ano lang 'yan, di ka pa kasi naliligo e.

jason: nakakaasar naman to, e. minsan-minsan lang ako magsabi ng feelings ko, naninira pa ng moment.

john stan: uy, nagtatampo. pahipo nga.

jason: ayaw!

john stan: sige ka, hahanap ako ng ibang hihipuin.

jason: ay eto na. kadali kong kausap e!

john stan: hmpf...

sabi na e, di lang kumain ang masarap sa chow king.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

jason meets the bloggers

i never, for one moment, thought that i'd be introducing my boyfriend to friends.

then again, these are bloggers friends who have come to accept me as i am, without the mask that i so beautifully project in my straight world. that's why i am more than willing to introduce the significant other but only with one important disclaimer - that the meet-up will be on a real name basis.

as most of you know, the partner is not a blogger. he has no idea about john stan and i would like to keep it that way. not that i'm hiding something. oh well, i really am hiding something, alright.

but apparently, i found out much earlier that jason was feeling more anxious about this meet-up and he's been trying to back-out up to the last minute. reason? he's afraid that he might have hooked up with any one of them before. i told him it's improbable but still assured him that it doesn't matter to me anyway.

so to you guys, thanks for meeting up with us and sharing that wonderful dinner. and also for bearing with jason's silence. he's just like that when in front of other people but in the confines of our bedroom... oh, let me leave that to your imagination.

by the way, he sends his apologies for going home early. wala pang tulog 'e. but he enjoyed your company especially the kulitan and asaran. next time daw, he'll try to be more chatty.

hala, ako naman ang afraid bigla.

Saturday, April 24, 2010


"kung nanay mo lang ang nagsabing gwapo ka, hindi counted 'yon!"

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Thursday, April 22, 2010

just for today

this is the first time in six years that i'm not working on my birthday. now, i have all the time in the world to do what i do best - shop.

come to think of it, lately i've been juggling my time between work and gym, with the former taking the bigger share. aside from saturday's party, i haven't gone out in a while, not even to shop for a few things. i find it ironic considering that i'm just a skip away from a big mall.

and so today i'm free to go out and pursue my penchant for buying things that i don't really need. i have to be much more cautious this time though since i just shelled out more than sixty thousand bucks last weekend. but then again, it's my birthday so i'll just worry later.

now here's my shopping list:

- a new pair of sunglasses (and not those oakleys. gee, they look ridiculous!)
- a new pair of flip flops (hopefully, just one pair.)
- a pair of yellow sneakers (preferably, those chuck taylors.)
- a leather messenger bag (i want that kenneth cole.)
- a new wristwatch (that technomarine is really to die for.)
- a dock speaker for my iphone (i might settle for sennheiser.)

there. i am estimating the damage at around thirty to forty thousand bucks. pucha, wise spending na 'yan ha!

one more thing. just this morning, i have decided i want a new car, a two-seater top-down sports car that's gonna be zoom's little bro.

oh well, a guy can always dream.

Friday, April 16, 2010

yellow is my color

what i need is an inspiration. someone to stir my nationalism. someone who can make me believe that there is still hope.

kung sipag at tiyaga lang din naman ang labanan, marami akong kilala diyan. the unsung heroes who work hard not for themselves but to bring about changes in society. they who dedicate their time to be of service to their fellowmen. they, whom, despite their meager earnings, strive to make life better for everyone.

hindi ko kailangan ng magaling at matalino. we've had a lot of intelligent leaders but only a few of them are wise. the presidency is a position of service. and service is not all about thinking. i need someone who understands what i'm going through, who feels what i feel, who has a heart and not all brains.

ayaw ko naman ng pangulong mas matalino pa ako. hindi tayo nabubuhay sa isang pelikula na laging nananalo ang bida. it's about time we all learn. we cannot make the same mistake twice.

i want my president to be someone i can identify with. someone who dreams my dream. someone who knows exactly what to do for my country at this point in time.

i have been telling myself that it's still too early to decide

but i guess it has always been him all along.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

grindr-ing at shang

i should have downloaded more applications in my iPhone.

bored and sleepy at a business function i attended at edsa shang, i think i have managed to use every available application in my pet, including grindr. and that was when the fun started.

you see, i was online for barely ten seconds when i received three messages asking for my exact location. it turned out that all three of them are staying at the hotel. hmmmm, opportunity knocked thrice. i like it! of course, being the malinis that i am, i have no intention of doing the deed with any one of them (i see raised eyebrows, mga hayuf, hahaha!). i just want to escape the boring situation, perhaps, hang-out with someone who will treat me with some overpriced coffee. just kidding!

anyway, after the obligatory introductions and a few minutes of teasing, they all wanted to meet up. as for me, being able to get away for a few hours would be good enough already but i have to choose only one of them. come on, i cannot meet all three, right? wrong! actually, i can. pero nagbago na kasi ako. malinis na nga ako, 'di ba?

grindr guy #1 is a pinoy guy based in mexico. he was actually on a business trip to japan and just decided to make a short stop here in the philippines to visit his family and friends. he's going out shopping and he said "he'd appreciate it if i can go with him".

grindr guy #2 is a hot singaporean looking for some equally steamy encounter. he said "i should go to his room or else i will regret missing the chance".

grindr guy #3 is a pinoy guy based in singapore. he's at the lobby then and invited me to join him for merienda. he said "we can meet, hang-out, and see where it takes us".

now which of them do you think i met up with?

sige nga, tingnan natin if you know me well enough.

Monday, April 12, 2010

memorable mizuno

top 5 reasons why i enjoyed the mizuno infinity run.

no. 5: it was my longest run so far at 15-kilometers which is actually a preparation for a half-marathon that i intend to join next month.

no. 4: the finisher shirt is nice although the line to the claiming area is quite long. good thing i was able to made singit without them noticing.

no. 3: while on the line, i got to talk... errrr, flirt with this uber-cute hunk runner/mountaineer whom i exchanged digits and facebook profiles with. he invited me to join their group at the north face run to be held in baguio two weeks from now. i said i'll think about it.

no. 2: i am targeting a 1.5 hour finish and my unofficial time is one hour and twenty-seven minutes.

no. 1: jason was there to see me run. a few minutes before race time, he sent me this text message - "galingan mo. love you."

of course, the hearty breakfast at conti's after made it all the more special.

Friday, April 9, 2010

what if | part 2

what if

what if i say that i deliberately projected this pokpok image?

that what you read is all for show?

that i am, in fact, busilak, mayumi and dalisay?

Thursday, April 8, 2010

between honest friends

a friend's reaction when i told him i am contemplating to try going bottom:

"masisira ang image mo. ang pangit mong bottom, mare!"

my reply:

"ay oo nga, wala na 'kong puwet e!"

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

good times | releasing the kraken

jason and i went to gateway last monday to catch the late night screening of clash of the titans at the former globe platinum cinema. as usual, the place was teeming with plu's probably looking for some fun after fasting through the lenten season. oo na, judgmental ako e, hahaha!

anyway, as we were walking towards the cinema, i caught this hot chinito with tayo-tayong semi-mohawk hair looking at me. at dahil likas na talande, i stared back habang nagga-glide. while trying to keep the eye contact, i started counting in my head - one, two, three - nang biglang binatukan ako ng kasama ko.

jason: nakakainis ka talaga! nandito lang ako, ha!
john stan: e siya nauna e.
jason: kahit na. taken ka na.
john stan: uy, nagseselos...
jason: hmmp!

tampururot tuloy ang drama ng jason sa loob ng sinehan.

pero hindi naman makakatiis 'yun. konting lambing lang, laglag na ulet ang bataan. at dahil hindi kami nagkita during the holy week, what happens after in the privacy of our bedroom was really really mind-blowing. sabi nga ni liam neeson (zeus), "release the kraken!".

Sunday, April 4, 2010

the inevitable

the birth month crawls silently like a thief in the night, slowly approaching, ready to strike this unwilling victim.

but then again, just like anyone else in this side of town, he is entitled to turn twenty-five once more.

and so the countdown begins.