Thursday, April 15, 2010

grindr-ing at shang

i should have downloaded more applications in my iPhone.

bored and sleepy at a business function i attended at edsa shang, i think i have managed to use every available application in my pet, including grindr. and that was when the fun started.

you see, i was online for barely ten seconds when i received three messages asking for my exact location. it turned out that all three of them are staying at the hotel. hmmmm, opportunity knocked thrice. i like it! of course, being the malinis that i am, i have no intention of doing the deed with any one of them (i see raised eyebrows, mga hayuf, hahaha!). i just want to escape the boring situation, perhaps, hang-out with someone who will treat me with some overpriced coffee. just kidding!

anyway, after the obligatory introductions and a few minutes of teasing, they all wanted to meet up. as for me, being able to get away for a few hours would be good enough already but i have to choose only one of them. come on, i cannot meet all three, right? wrong! actually, i can. pero nagbago na kasi ako. malinis na nga ako, 'di ba?

grindr guy #1 is a pinoy guy based in mexico. he was actually on a business trip to japan and just decided to make a short stop here in the philippines to visit his family and friends. he's going out shopping and he said "he'd appreciate it if i can go with him".

grindr guy #2 is a hot singaporean looking for some equally steamy encounter. he said "i should go to his room or else i will regret missing the chance".

grindr guy #3 is a pinoy guy based in singapore. he's at the lobby then and invited me to join him for merienda. he said "we can meet, hang-out, and see where it takes us".

now which of them do you think i met up with?

sige nga, tingnan natin if you know me well enough.


  1. Hirap namang tanong yan! :P

    The question is, did you go with one of them?

  2. oo nga. tama yun! baka naman inindian mo silang tatlo. hahaha!

  3. Let's see - since I don't know you well enough, john stan, I'd venture you met up with all of them and had a swell orgy.

  4. guy # 2 !! ur description of the guy said it all...heck i would meet him hehehe :)

  5. You'll meet guy #1 first to go shopping..then Guy #3 coz you got hungry after shopping..and then Guy #2 to end the day with a bang! you SLUT..LMAO

  6. Must be guy#3.

    I'll tell you why I think so -- tomorrow, during the party :p

  7. @galen / caloy: yup, i did meet up with one of them. =)

    @ruddie / ternie / jr / soltero: tseh kayo, hahaha!

    @migs: haynaku, teh, parang kilala mo na nga talaga ako, hehehe!