Sunday, April 25, 2010

jason meets the bloggers

i never, for one moment, thought that i'd be introducing my boyfriend to friends.

then again, these are bloggers friends who have come to accept me as i am, without the mask that i so beautifully project in my straight world. that's why i am more than willing to introduce the significant other but only with one important disclaimer - that the meet-up will be on a real name basis.

as most of you know, the partner is not a blogger. he has no idea about john stan and i would like to keep it that way. not that i'm hiding something. oh well, i really am hiding something, alright.

but apparently, i found out much earlier that jason was feeling more anxious about this meet-up and he's been trying to back-out up to the last minute. reason? he's afraid that he might have hooked up with any one of them before. i told him it's improbable but still assured him that it doesn't matter to me anyway.

so to you guys, thanks for meeting up with us and sharing that wonderful dinner. and also for bearing with jason's silence. he's just like that when in front of other people but in the confines of our bedroom... oh, let me leave that to your imagination.

by the way, he sends his apologies for going home early. wala pang tulog 'e. but he enjoyed your company especially the kulitan and asaran. next time daw, he'll try to be more chatty.

hala, ako naman ang afraid bigla.


  1. pag napadaan ka ng davao, dito mo naman pakilala ha? haha!! XD

  2. hahaha!!

    may next time! hhhmmm...


  3. shet na-miss ko ang debut ng jowa mo. dami ko pa namang sasabihin sa kanya. hahaha! char!

    i'm sure the bday celeb was a blast! stay beautiful kapatid!

  4. kainez, di ako nakasama! i'll make him feel comfortable pa naman with my questions and kwento about you! lol. haha, next time. :)

  5. Actually I didn't want to tell this to you in front of him, pero naka-sex ko na si Jason twice sa bathhouse.

    Etchoserang frog. Kokak! =)

    * * * *

    Ahahaha! Word verification: "nonout" (parang "non-out")

  6. aaaaaaaaaaaaaay bakit wala ako jan? hahahahahaha yang next time na yan ha..... mishu mishu....

    malandi ka!!! :P

  7. nahihiya pa pa siya kaya tahimik.ganun naman talaga lalo wala ka pa kilala sa isa sa knila he felt awkward..atleast di siya nag back out ng tuluyan!goodluck next time ahaha

  8. @robert: sure sure. teka, 'pag ba nagpunta kami ng davao e you will be a gracious host?

    @von draye: korek! kaloka talaga!

    @migs: salamat, 'teh. would have been more fun if you guys were there. well, there's still next time.

    @gibbs: hahaha, next time, gwardyado ko sya. lol.

    @joel: in furness, sabi nga niya. froglette ka, hahaha!

    @yj: e kasi naman, busy-busyhan ang beauty mo, nawawala ka na lang bigla.

    @mac callister: i know, right? hehehe, thanks mac.

  9. ay buti wla ako jan, bka nagkita kami ulit ni jason. naka hookup ko na sya nung nsa Pinas pa ko, teka ma ikwento nga sa blog ko bwahahhaha :P