Monday, April 12, 2010

memorable mizuno

top 5 reasons why i enjoyed the mizuno infinity run.

no. 5: it was my longest run so far at 15-kilometers which is actually a preparation for a half-marathon that i intend to join next month.

no. 4: the finisher shirt is nice although the line to the claiming area is quite long. good thing i was able to made singit without them noticing.

no. 3: while on the line, i got to talk... errrr, flirt with this uber-cute hunk runner/mountaineer whom i exchanged digits and facebook profiles with. he invited me to join their group at the north face run to be held in baguio two weeks from now. i said i'll think about it.

no. 2: i am targeting a 1.5 hour finish and my unofficial time is one hour and twenty-seven minutes.

no. 1: jason was there to see me run. a few minutes before race time, he sent me this text message - "galingan mo. love you."

of course, the hearty breakfast at conti's after made it all the more special.


  1. How anyone could run under this infernal heat escapes me.

  2. may i love you i love you pa that was so cheesy