Friday, April 16, 2010

yellow is my color

what i need is an inspiration. someone to stir my nationalism. someone who can make me believe that there is still hope.

kung sipag at tiyaga lang din naman ang labanan, marami akong kilala diyan. the unsung heroes who work hard not for themselves but to bring about changes in society. they who dedicate their time to be of service to their fellowmen. they, whom, despite their meager earnings, strive to make life better for everyone.

hindi ko kailangan ng magaling at matalino. we've had a lot of intelligent leaders but only a few of them are wise. the presidency is a position of service. and service is not all about thinking. i need someone who understands what i'm going through, who feels what i feel, who has a heart and not all brains.

ayaw ko naman ng pangulong mas matalino pa ako. hindi tayo nabubuhay sa isang pelikula na laging nananalo ang bida. it's about time we all learn. we cannot make the same mistake twice.

i want my president to be someone i can identify with. someone who dreams my dream. someone who knows exactly what to do for my country at this point in time.

i have been telling myself that it's still too early to decide

but i guess it has always been him all along.


  1. Dilaw din ang boto ko. Hehe.

    P.S. para rin kay baby james. hehe

  2. what u wrote has always been my reason... *apir!

  3. hmmm...ok lang as long as ladlad is your partylist!

  4. sino boboto mo?noy noy ka din?hehe

  5. Dilaw din ako! Pero berde daw and dugo ko? LOL