Thursday, May 6, 2010


i haven't been intimate with anybody else since we got together

and i can't understand why you don't believe that.

because you did not trust me enough, i tried to rebel.

to the 35th floor i went where another willing soul is waiting;

his nakedness glowing inside that dimly lit room;

his eyes inviting, filled with desire.

i stood there looking at his every move

but then i thought of you

and i just had to walk away.

this must really be love.


  1. define "intimate?!" lol

    now, now...

  2. and that's because you love him.
    that's supposed to be a nice thing right? hmmm...

  3. You don't owe it to him to be loyal. You owe it to yourself to be loyal since you made the choice to be in an exclusive relationship. No one put a gun to your head when you decided.

    Don't damn him. Thank yourself for staying true to your word.

    As for people not willing to believe you--well, you can't change their minds overnight. Patience and consistency can, over time.

  4. @iuri: you don't know "intimate"? you always practice "intimate"... hehe...

    @darc: it is a nice thing.

    @joel: thank you for that,'teh. i appreciate the non-sugar-coated words.

  5. tama yan,be faithful prove him na di ka ganun...

  6. good boy stan... yah ur inlove...

    i admire you for that...