Saturday, May 8, 2010

happy pekpek

jason and i kissed and made-up last night. well, actually, what we did was more than kissing and making up but that would be too much to write already. e napaka-private ko kayang tao, di ba?

sa mga hindi nakakaalam, we've been together for almost three months now but we've known each other for about nine months already. i guess, like me, he's not yet ready to throw away all that time we shared together. and just as i hoped that everything will turn out well in the end, he, too, was wishing that this petty misunderstanding will not tear our relationship apart.

i appreciate the fact that the guy has an open mind. and never did i see anyone so serious and crazy about me not only in the sexual kind of way. that he loves me is even more apparent now. i can see how his eyes brighten up with my smile. i can feel how my touch calms his spirit. i can see how he's happy seeing me happy. i guess i have been too blind before to notice these things.

but not anymore.

because he made me see the real beauty in him. that within the already beautiful facade lies a person with an even more beautiful heart.

and i'd be an ass to throw it all away.

waking up together this morning, we were greeted with a promise of a bright new day. now, more than ever, we are more confident that whatever challenges we encounter along our journey, we can successfully hurdle them

as long as we are together,

and staying true to each other.


to my facebook buddies who are curious about him, jason is my newest friend.


  1. makadalaw nga sa Executive Optical baka sakaling makita ko na rin ang mga magagandang bagay sa paligid ko :P

  2. I told you its not yet over. :) Glad everything turned out well.

    Cheers to a lasting bond between you and Jason.

  3. huwaw HP na sya hahah...sarap nman, after the rain ayan na ang rainbow...sana dinetalye ung naganap, hanep pa nman ang sex after making up ahaha :P

  4. Glad that you two are back together. No more emo ah, hindi mo keri eh. Haha.

    Nakita ko na sya sa facebook. Shempre, nagpakastalker ako. Haha. And yes, pakisabi sa kanya, hindi ko pa sya nakakasex so he's good to go.


  5. that's great! di ko pa nga siya nami-meet e. :D
    paki-delete ang grindr sa iphone. *LOL* :D

  6. Ayan! Konti nalang ang mga maglalandi sa market. Another has just been taken. LOL

    word veri: chesess

  7. Well well well... Lady gaga's spell works! You know what I'm sayin'... that mantra? Love love love! HAppy happy stan!

  8. salamat po sa lahat ng sumuporta lalo na dun sa taong pinagtyagaan akong pakinggan habang ngumangawa.

  9. wow, kaka inlove. parang till death do us part na. go! go! go! ;-)

  10. I miss being in a relationship. I miss being a domesticated bitch. Echos!

    Cheers to a lasting relationship, johnstan