Saturday, May 15, 2010

here we go again

a very recent facebook conversation between me and the lawyer-ex.

lawyer-ex: laki pinayat na ah, ayus! hehehe...

john stan: thanks. adik e.

lawyer-ex: oh really now? hehehe! musta pare?

john stan: ayos lang. no reason not to be good.

lawyer-ex: ah mabuti naman. you always swear on your shoutouts though but it's good to know that things are working perfectly for you.

johnstan: hahaha! spur-of-the-moment shoutouts that need to be purged immediately. but all's well. i hope you're doing great, too.

lawyer-ex: im doing good. sobrang busy mo na ata ah? coffee naman tayo sometime, kwentuhan lang.

here we go again. now, what should i do?


  1. Say yes tapos sagasaan mo ulit sya with your "brand new car!"

  2. Something tells me you're not yet over with him Mister Johnstan.

  3. its just like a one night stand.

  4. disaster! a beautiful disaster! :P

  5. coffee at kuwentuhan nga lang ba? hmmm... hehe! :)

  6. kapag di you pinatulan clap clap clap kapag pinatulan boo!!!!!!!!

  7. why not?! coffee lang naman. :D