Monday, May 17, 2010

living today

i was looking at our photos from last friday and i can't help but smile as i was reminiscing how perfect that day was.

you know how i relish the experience of waking up very late during fridays but we already planned this trip weeks before and i didn't mind getting up at four in the morning to fetch you from work. of course, it would only be a small sacrifice on my part compared to yours considering that spending the day with me would mean you will not be able to sleep at all. but like you said, we're gonna be together and that's all that matters.

we had a nice hearty breakfast overlooking the lake and you did not mind that i have to take some time off to finish a few stuff from work. as always, while i am busy, you have my iphone to keep you company. i really don't understand your big fascination with that bad apples game but seeing your face light up everytime you finish a stage is already enough for me. that and the huge cup of cheesecake-filled frozen yogurt.

we were supposed to go and try the zipline but you said you want a quieter place so i just decided to take you to a secluded meadow at the back of this famous church on top of the hill. good thing we have our all-around mat in zoom's trunk as we were able to use it when we sat down on that nice little grassy spot. since we had the place all to ourselves, we never had any problems getting cozy, stealing a few kisses from time to time and you lying down with your head on my lap. yes, we were a picture of a sweet couple but it's too bad that we only get to do it secretly. oh well, i guess what we can do right now is just settle for what we can get.

looking at your face while stealing a catnap, i can't help but think how long we can keep our journey together. we are both not out to our families and sooner or later, they will begin asking questions about our separate futures. time will come that we have to deal with all these questions and i just hope that whatever happens in the days ahead, heaven will still find a way to smile upon us.

but the future can wait. let's just live and be happy today.


  1. breaking news: Mababaog daw ang mga nang-iinggit ng kanilang lovelife.

  2. Nice smile. I love you. Este, I love it.

    Sarap naman! Weekend in Tagaytay.

  3. @Iurico may tama ka!

    @John Stan isa kang malaking hmpft! *sabay walk out*

  4. ay...ang sweet naman tita john-stan! pakilala mo naman sa akin sa aking pag uwi. hihihi

  5. Eh ano ngayon kung hindi kayo out sa families ninyo?

  6. nice enlightening post....
    pero namimiss ko na ang landi post...

  7. Wow, I wish I have moments like that hehe. Thats soo sweet. Thats right, whats important is now, every moment of it. Hope everything goes well.

  8. @iurico: mababaog din daw ang caviteña. bwahaha, peace! mwah!

    @ternie: naglilihi ka na 'teh?

    @felipe: partner ko po 'yan. not me.

    @tristan: hahaha, kasi naman, malinis na nga kasi ako!

    @conio: of course!

  9. @bloigg: sureness. kelan ka ba uuwi? pasalubong ko! hahaha!

    @joel: it's complicated. choz!

    @von-draye: nami-miss ko na din ang mga landi post ko. lol.

    @daniel: thanks a lot. welcome to my blog.

  10. the future can wait.
    carpe diem.

  11. mata pa lang, ulam na! Isang extra rice pa nga, please...Idol kita talaga, parang gusto ko na mag boyfriend hahaha

  12. wow! how nice. nakakakilig naman. inggit ako, friend. hehe! :)

  13. kinilig ako pramis. :) ang sweet ng entry na to :)

  14. live in the present. don't worry much about the future. :D