Monday, June 7, 2010

bloopers | the engineer

i swear, he just popped out of nowhere.

it's been months since i last heard from him and it was surprising that he made his presence felt again yesterday. i guess it's partly my fault. one of these days, i should probably phone him and apologize.

the engineer and i belong to the same profession. it's really funny how we met. of all places, it has to be in a convention sponsored by our professional organization. as we share stories, we learned that we took the board examination at the same time. we even attended the same review classes. we have common acquaintances in the field. my company is his company's client.

and we share the same secret.

and so, days after, we decided to meet up once again. we agreed on a later time since both of us are coming from work. after dinner, he invited me to his place "to get more cozy". and yes, we really did but i never expected that i was in for quite a surprise.

when my hand made its way inside his boxers, i felt that it was wet and sticky. i looked at him, my eyes questioning.

engineer: pre-cum. kanina pa 'yan habang kumakain tayo.

john stan: ha? e wala pa tayong ginagawa 'nun e.

engineer: oo nga, inisip ko pa lang kung ano pwede nating gawin, tinigasan na ko e.

john stan: apparently, hindi ka lang tinigasan, nilabasan ka pa.

i laughed hard, really really hard. and i can't force myself to stop. i just had to let it all out.

hayun tuloy, na-offend yata.

suffice to say, nothing more happened that night.


  1. oh my gawd. Sablay pare. Hahaha. Oh well. Pwede pa rin naman maging friends, right? :D

  2. That's what you call, tigangus maximus. Hahaha.

  3. Tigang lang yan. Diba may nakaraan na kayo. Baka sobrang nabaliw sa doomsday device mo?

  4. What can you do, he waited for last night to come true.

  5. nyahahaha...ikaw na ang IDOL...but that's mean..tawanan daw hahaha...ang lupet!

  6. awww.... cocktease! kwawa nman c engineer, sumakit lang ung puson :P

  7. punyetang ganda yan.... tinitignan ka palang nilalabasan na sila hahahahaha

  8. @felipe: kung friendship lang pala, ayos lang!

    @guyrony: hahaha, i can't help it. i just reacted to the situation.

    @mugen: adik sa hiwa-hiwalay na comment? hahaha!

    @dhon: korek!

    @tristan: o, tawa pa ulet!

    @jr: bakit daw ako tumawa? sabi ko, "because i can". hehehe.

    @soltero: i doubt. kasi naman, basang-basa talaga ang boxers ng potah!

    @conio: tseh ka! hahaha!

    @yj: ako na! lol.

  9. i can only imagine his face while you were laughing. feeling ko mangiyak ngiyak sya sa kahihiyan. LOL