Friday, June 11, 2010

it's about time

i thought it was love at first sight.
but i just had to turn my back on you.

and i say "no" to you, too, no matter how exquisite you look.
soon we'll be together but not today.

because i already decided on what i really want.
and there's no point prolonging the inevitable.

i say, "hello, sleepless nights!".

photocredits: apple store


  1. haha. congratulations on your new toy. your next toy will be an iPad para mas malaking Grindr window. LOL!!!

  2. Haha. Kakaloka. Di mapakali. Depressed ka?

  3. That is called controlled impulsiveness. :)

  4. some cool gadget, mister! :P

  5. wahhhhhh!!kainggit talaga ang mga mayaman =p

  6. @felipe: ayaw ko na ng ipad. i tried using my friend's and sadly, i did not like it.

    @tristan: di naman. nagising na lang ako one day na gusto ko palang gumastos bigla. choz!

    @guyrony: korek. wise-spending, no? hehehe.

    @soltero: thanks.

    @conio: i know, hahaha!

    @desole boy: hindi po ako mayaman. tulad ng karamihan sa mga bloggers, isa lang din akong simpleng manggagawa.

  7. well, i have those three. hahaha ang yabang! ni isa nga eh, wala. hahaha. anyway, kidding aside, i only have iphone and im ok with it. kung may pera na saka pa yung iba. hehe. anyway, love your blog. exchange links tayo ha.