Monday, July 26, 2010

the chase | part two

there were already two people in the sauna when i went in. barely ten seconds passed when i realized that i barged in at the wrong moment. it seems that the territory has just been claimed. one is obviously going for the kill while the prey sat there silently, anticipating what happens next. he then looked at me and nodded. i pretended not to notice, looked away and proceeded to sit near the heater.

the tension in the air continued to seep through my senses. it seems that my presence will not stop them and i will be the unwilling witness to a literally steamy encounter.

"you want it hot? i'll serve it to you hot.", my lips formed into a mischievous smile as i entertained the naughty thought. i put some water into the heater and watched the steam rise.

"hmm, let me see if you can do your thing in this heat.", i thought to myself.

just then, the prey stood up and went outside. i saw him going to the steam room. the other one rose from his seat and followed shortly.

i was pleased. i now have the whole sauna for myself. i slowly inched away from the heater, careful as the wood starts to burn my skin. i shifted to a more comfortable position, closed my eyes and let my thoughts wander.

a few minutes passed when i heard the glass door slide. i kept my eyes closed but i can sense movement inside the room. however, the one who came in remained standing and again, i felt that familiar tension. it then started to envelope me and i felt his gaze pierce right through.

opening my eyes slowly, i saw the guy from the locker room standing near the door. he was staring at me intently and his hard-on is plain obvious beneath his towel. i tried to suppress a naughty grin but to no avail. he caught my reaction, removed his towel and sat beside me.

to be continued...


  1. MORE! This is way better than SONA. Hahaha!

  2. can't wait for the next part, lol!

  3. lol I gotta join a sauna like yours!