Saturday, July 24, 2010

the chase

the minute i saw him inside the locker room, i knew he's trouble.

since i was in the area, i decided to try the timog branch of gold's. i've heard some very nice reviews of the place from my home gym in ortigas and i became curious as to what this branch can offer to us clients.

of course, when i said "offers", i meant the amenities of the place as well as other perks and benefits that are available to us members. and yes, i did want to check out the market that goes there. i'm pretty sure you know what i mean.

anyway, after an hour of cardio and 30 minutes of free weights, i decided to wrap up already. as i entered the locker room, i saw this mid-30s-looking guy staring at me. "trouble", i thought.

it's not that he's not good-looking. in fact, for someone his age, he looks definitely nice with bulges in all the right places. i just found it rude that he's staring at me as if i'm a tender piece of meat on his plate ready to be devoured. he should have been discreet with his actions but seeing that we are the only ones inside the room, he made no effort to hide his intentions.

i immediately stripped to my boxers, grabbed my towel and proceeded to the wet floor. after a quick shower, i went to the sauna.

to be continued...


  1. " i just found it rude that he's staring at me as if i'm a tender piece of meat on his plate ready to be devoured."

    Why, john stan? Were you expecting flowers? :P

  2. a tender piece of meat is better than a lump of fat.. =)

  3. e anong magagawa mo, ang sarap sarap mo yta kaya di sya makapagpigil ahahah :P

  4. i agree. it's probably your fault for being so damn good looking and hot!yeeeeee...


  5. Look who's back in the game?

    John Stan no less.


    Behave. Just like me. Hahaha!

  6. Naku! Nanlalandi na naman si JS! Hehehe... musta ka na bekbek?

  7. leche binitin pa! pero fafa- delicious ka pala ah! hmmmmmm

  8. this story will end the way we like it, I suppose. ;-)