Thursday, July 8, 2010

ménage à trois

three characters.

let's call them p, c and r.

two of them are partners.

the other two are best friends.

that's what they say.

funny, they always hang-out together.

all three of them.

even when the two partners

celebrate their special day.

both partners are quite a catch.

so is the best friend.

simply a wonderful set-up it seems.

hmmm, i guess i should go and ask p about the real score.


  1. are you hopin the menage a trois would evolve into a menage a quatre or are you just being nosy?
    either way this is an exciting revelation even if i dont know u or the parties concerned. and either way, i wanna know the answer should u ask your friend P about it. ;-)

  2. sinech? kewnto mo ha pag nagkita tayo. =D

  3. @tristan: oo naman mare, kilala mo ang mag-jowa.

    @lasherations: nah, i'd see first if the info is good for sharing.

  4. uso naman yan diba? or maybe im just not a stranger to the idea. i've been a 3rd wheel for the past 8 years to a good-looking straight couple, and i hang out with sidekick and a good-looking close friend all the time too. masaya at walang malisya. Tska at least pag tatlo kayo ung magjowa di mukhang magkadate :P

    it's a great set up; i highly recommend it =P