Thursday, July 29, 2010

missed connection

oh yes, this is that one entry about you.

i knew you've been waiting for this for about six months already. this is supposed to be the entry that never made the cut. but i'm in such a foul mood today that i have thought of you. oh don't ask me why. i'm pretty sure you know all about it.

anyway, i was cleaning my iphone's yahoo messenger history when i saw our last exchange. do you remember that one-nighter? that one particular evening when i almost went out in the middle of the night (and a workweek) to meet you somewhere?

let me refresh your memory.

you: i did not invite anyone. i'm not ready. but you're an exception. i hope to meet you, if possible, tonight.

me: nah, i don't think so. we're not meant to meet yet. fate will definitely intervene. but who knows, i might just decide to drop by. i'll let you know.

you: fate will let us meet. i'll find you if you're here. tell me the color of your shirt. it can definitely guide fate faster.

me: basta, i'll let you know.

you: sige, pare. i hope tonight has been written in the stars... for us.

so there.

of course, we did not meet. i decided not to go to where you are.

yes, me. not fate.

after all, it was written in the stars that i will laugh at your last line. it's just too freaking cheesy.

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  1. Well, jonh stan, it is kinda hard to see when one has stars in one's eyes.