Thursday, July 1, 2010

month-end | stressed

yes, i'm guilty. i bribed a certain mmda officer. i was too tired to argue with him and i can already sense the greed reverberating from his voice as he speaks to me. now, i'm off the hook with nothing else to worry about.

what a way to end the month of june!

but of course, there are still a few things to keep me busy:

- the preparation for the 30-day project is already underway. i have seven major upgrades and three regular personnel to delegate the task to. i'm not sure how we can pull it off but i'm hoping that my luck will help me finish everything. oh, good planning and hard work, too.

- my lola is still in the hospital. that explains the few updates during the past week as i go to the hospital every night after work. i'm happy that she's recovering well considering that she's 87 years old already. now i only hope that my wallet recovers at the same rate - lots of shopping to do.

- i haven't had sex for the longest time now. professional and familial obligations had kept me from meeting with the boyfriend. good thing he's sleeping over this friday night. that should be fun. at last, something to look forward to.

hay, i really need a good sleep. i hope july will be so much better.


  1. friday night = sexy time


  2. hoohoohoo. it will be. it definitely will be.

  3. "i haven't had sex for the longest time now" HINDI NGA??? anak ka ng tipaklong! echosera ka! hahaha

    Seriously - hope your lola will feel better ;-) That's so sweet of you to take care of her.

  4. "yes, i'm guilty. i bribed a certain mmda officer."

    Synchronicity! You should read Ternie's latest post and compare notes.

    Other than that, good to hear your lola's getting better. And that tonight's gonna be a good night...that tonight's gonna be a good, good night.

  5. sana gumaling na lola mo