Tuesday, July 13, 2010

the night before

i guess the funny thing about my relationship is that for me, jason and i have two important dates - the day we decided to be together and the day i decided for myself that i will finally stick with him. [come on, it's not that big an issue so lower your eyebrows, my dear readers.] today, we celebrate the former - our xxth's monthsary.

but this entry is not really about that. well, sort of.

as today is a workday, we're very sure that we'll never have any proper celebration. i work during the day and jason does during the night. my time out is his time in. so what we did was meet up last night and just spend some quality time together. but of course, the quality time happened after my usual tantrums over the most trivial of things. okay, okay. i blame my very low emotional quotient for that. good thing, jason is just so mature for his age. see, we really do complement each other!

anyway, we decided to grab a late dinner at pasto in el pueblo. [gee, i'm endorsing now!] it was supposed to be a quick bite as it's past 10 pm already but we really enjoyed our time together that we decided to linger for a while. we were talking about the world cup when, out of nowhere, jason mentioned that he's quite good with flags. so we played a game.

and damn, he's good! out of the 30 or more flags that i showed him on my iphone, he managed to correctly identify everything but two - kyrgyzstan and congo. i was really amazed. and why won't i be? he was able to identify peru, belgium, mexico, argentina, brunei, vatican, iceland, british virgin islands, norway, siberia, jamaica, morocco and egypt. easy? well, even the likes of kiribati, curacao, papua new guinea, seychelles, turkmenistan, tanzania and nicaragua he got correctly. crazy, huh?

that's when i told him he's the love of my life. but he didn't buy it.

he said it's such a cliche' already. so he challenged me to up the ante.

john stan: uhmm, you're the center of my universe?
jason: ordinary.

john stan: uhmm, you're the pot of gold at the end of my rainbow?
jason: not good enough.

john stan: uhmm, you're the virus in my computer?
jason: you're using a mac.

john stan: wait. uhmm, you're the mildew in my toilet?
jason: gago! sige na nga, pwede na 'yung center of the universe.

and that, my friend, is the story behind my latest facebook shoutout which reads, "late dinner at pasto with the center of my universe". cheesy, i know!

of course, the story after dinner is much more exciting but better left untold.


  1. that's not uber cheesy yet. still very tolerable. =P congratulations to you both.

  2. By this time, he is already the center of your universe. Dami niyo na pinagdaanan eh. All the best! :)

  3. happy xxth sa inyong 2.. :)

  4. the tsunami to your phuket (apologies for the joke)? the kalembang to your kampana? the kabaong to your nitso? the bagoong to your kare-kare? the hiwa to your hamon? haha, papanget ng papanget ang analogy! :) anyway, hoy, kelan ko makikilala si jason!? :)

  5. Awww...Who would have thought that THE JOHN STAN is soooo in love with Jayson.

    @Gibbs - that's what you get when you don't join us at the orphanage!!!


  6. how sweet. awwwww.

    i like the virus one. hahaha.

    Congrats! :-D

  7. @you're the mildew in my toilet

    ha ha ha...

  8. sobrang cheesy nung "pot at the end of the rainbow"..hehe
    hayy..dumadami yata ang mga kilig post..
    naiwan na ang blog ko sa bitter mode..haha

    kaingget!hmpf! =)

  9. "mildew in my toilet" --> parang yung komersyal na may linyang MINSAN PANALO TAYO MINSAN PANALO TAYO. ay germs pala yun! hehehe.

    awww moment.

  10. sweeet! :P happy, happy to you guys!