Wednesday, July 28, 2010

remembering cebu

i'm not really sure if this is an apt title. you see, what happened in cebu will remain in cebu. anyway, it's been what, like a year ago, and things like this are better left in the most distant part of the memory bank.

after all, it's not like we're meeting again. i have a boyfriend (at least i think i do) and with no plans whatsoever of visiting the south's queen city.

so imagine my surprise when i met him again face to face early this evening.

of all places, it has to be in my gym. but of course, he's quite popular now and my gym is known for sponsoring talents like him.

good thing i already saw him from afar. at least it gave me a few moments to prepare for the inevitable encounter. i'm not sure though if he will remember me.

as i approach the door towards the lockers, i saw him looking, his lips half-smiling. i nodded at him, acknowledging his greeting. oh yes, he did remember!

no words exchanged, only that fleeting slightly-awkward moment to reinforce that what we had, that one night we had, was a thing of the past. then again, it's not me in the awkward position.

after all, it was him who has more to lose. it was him,

my pbb alumnus.

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