Thursday, August 12, 2010

from the third person

are they doomed from the start?

what they had was supposed to be a one-night-stand - boy meets boy, flirts, have sex, part ways. but that was not the case. the boys were really at it that they became constant companions.

days passed and the sex was getting lesser and they started dating more seriously. weeks became months and they finally decided to give it a go. nothing else mattered for they were both happy.

or so they thought.

eventually they found out that the world they built is far from perfect. but still they tried. after all, they have each other to lean on. they have their love. that was supposed to be enough.

but it seems, they were mistaken once more.


  1. We expect too much from love. We already know this, we just keep forgetting.

  2. NO!!!!! emotions brought by the weather. bad weather! bad weather!!!

  3. Are we bracing for the end, or is this just another seismic tremor in your relationship?

    We will keep vigil.

  4. being in a relationship is hard work, there will always be bumps in the road. hang in there :)

  5. oh shit! oh shit! oh shit! what's this? hope you can still save the relationship - if not, andito naman ako lol...kaya yan idol! kapit ka lang hanggang kaya!

  6. hmm... weigh the pros and cons. relationships aren't easy, but it shouldn't be difficult either, if you ask me. when things start to feel like too much of an effort, time to reassess things.

    whatever happens, i hope you guys talk things out and come up with a mutually-agreeable decision.

    di naman na tayo high school kids na kailangang mala-dawson's creek ang mga bagay bagay. hehe!

    good luck! :)