Friday, September 24, 2010

of work and other opportunities

i realized i have been neglecting my blog lately. i've been too busy with work in the past weeks and the few times i was able to spare to update my journal saw me writing negative stuff about my… uhmmm… haters. (but now i would like to think of them as closet admirers, just for the fun of it.)

well anyway, as i have said, work has been eating most of my time these days. in fact, i just came from baguio for the acceptance testing of a new control system that we will be installing in our power plant a few days from now. aside from that, i have two more projects in line by mid-october. so yes, i am quite stressed to the highest level.

but i am enjoying my job so don't get me wrong. especially with the fact that i am in the position to demand and negotiate. i always hear my colleagues say that no one really is indispensable when it comes to work. this may be true but sometimes, the truth bends. so let me flourish in this state for now, hehe!

by the way, there's this agency in makati whose principal is a multinational company based in dubai. i really don't know how they got hold of my number but they've been bugging lately. they told me that my background fits the qualifications provided by their principal who's opening a new plant in that city.

the offer is a compensation package which includes free accommodations, allowances, state-mandated benefits, expat status and a salary triple of what i am receiving right now. sounds good, noh?


of course, i'd be branded as a fool if i won't consider such opportunity. but i did promise myself that if i can build a decent life here, i'd rather stay.

i mean, what really does a gay man need to live (aside from sex, echos!)? with my meager earnings, i was able to see my sister finish college. i can provide for my folks (not that they're asking). i can build my dream house. i can get zoom a new brother. i can eat whatever and whenever i want. i can provide for my needs and occasionally indulge with my wants. i guess, at this point, i'm blessed already and asking for more would really be too much.

plus, my home is here. the people i love are here. and no amount of money in this world can ever pay for the time that i can spend with them.

i guess, at the end of it all, what really matters is to know which are really important. as for me, my life is here.

hard, yes.

but i couldn't imagine it any other way.


  1. Very well said John Stan.

    I admire your sense of belongingness.

  2. I guess we're one of the few souls who would prefer to stay, than leave despite the promising opportunities elsewhere. Kudos man!

  3. *clicked an imaginary super duper mega over LIKE button*


  4. I beg to disagree! wala lang gusto ko lang mag disagree! che hahaha..

    Di mo naman iiwan ang buhay mo ngayon permanently - aabsent ka lang ng sandali para sa new adventures...sayang ang opportunity - malalaki daw ang arabo wahahaha..

  5. Wow! That would have been nice...but I salute you for making your choice...