Sunday, September 5, 2010

revelations | part 3 that point, i see jason driven to the wall, and i, i could only hope for the best.

but heaven has been to good to us, or at the very least to me, for bestowing upon me a mature and understanding partner. jason is wise beyond his age and sometimes i wonder what good i did in the past to deserve such a blessing.

i remember writing before my hiatus that the plan is to build what was nearly destroyed. i guess, introducing john stan to jason is one big step towards achieving that goal. now, all my cards lay bare and i am only too glad that amid all the things he found out, he has accepted me, flaws and all. silly me for asking him why.

"love.", he says.

true, we are treading dangerous waters and who knows what other challenges we might encounter in the future. however, we have come to accept the fact that things will always be uncertain. no relationship is perfect and even ours will not be spared. but that's thinking forward too much already.

right now, what matters is that we have each other

and that should be more than enough.


  1. PAAAAAAAAAK! achieve na achieve! so happy for you guys! :)

  2. i dunno but i envy you guys. kasi di ba john stan ka na bago ka pa nya nakilala? parang mas ok yan kesa naging john stan ka habang kayo pa.

    okay. anlabo ko lang. hahahaha.

    seriously, i wish you the best. =]

  3. Glad verything is all fine love love love!

  4. john stan is just a persona. it shouldn't change anything between you. congrats at naayos niyo na. =)

  5. haba ng buhok mo teh! *clap clap* :)

  6. thank you. to the both of you, thank you. there is hope after all

  7. brace yourself for the challenges ahead hehe

  8. All's well that ends well =)