Friday, September 17, 2010

to an ex-friend

ah yes, reading this piece brought a sudden inspiration to me. i don't know, maybe because i empathize with the author. there really are such cheap fellows in this world.

so lemme do a carrie here, only this time, more frank, more brutal. he's mabait kasi unlike me. and why not? i don't have any image to protect. i don't pretend to be a do-gooder. and when i'm bad, i am better.

so to you, an ex-friend,

punyeta ka!

you deserve it. and you know why.

both of you.


  1. A pox on both their houses, eh, john stan?

    I've a number of ex-friends, myself. When you're done with your anger, erase them from your life.

    If not from existence itself.

  2. erase from existence, e?

    *evil grin*

  3. Sometimes, john stan, all you need is to give people enough rope.

    Once in a while they're gracious enough to hang themselves.

  4. Oooh John Stan you and your beatchiness never fails to make my day better.


    Oh, will we see your ex-friends at the party?

    I certainly want to.

  5. @guyrony: i'm not sure. lemme see from the guest list.

    @ nimmy: i'm that bad, ain't i?

  6. just enough of being bad. hindi mild, hindi rin wild. hehehe :)

  7. ngarat mo! hahahaha
    i met carrie's special confused friend. ako naman ang na-confused after but in fairview pasok sa jar kaya siguro carrie risked the friendship

  8. thanks for the visiting my blog. :)

    (btw, pamangkin ko ang ee, ce ako hehe)