Wednesday, September 1, 2010

when coming out is not an option

after a short trip down memory lane, it's confirmed. i don't have any coming out story to tell.

and perhaps, years will pass and that same thought will never be entertained.

some of you may judge me for doing so. but in the first place, i don't seek anyone's acceptance. circumstances differ for each of us. believe me, i have a lot more to lose should i opt to come out in the open.

what matters is that i accept myself for who i am.

that is more than enough... for now.


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  2. what matters is that i accept myself for who i am. << and at the end of the day, it is! :-)

  3. You know what you are and have accepted that fact... That's very important.

    I understand your type, we have our own battles to face and secrets to keep.

  4. For some, coming out is a political statement. For others, it is a personal choice.

    I understand you, john stan.

  5. Here's hoping the future is kinder.
    But you have my admiration for your choice in how you deal with the present.


  6. kung san ka masaya, suportahan ta ka. :)