Thursday, September 30, 2010

when september ends

"i think hindi naman siya talaga sa 'yo galit but with the idea that you can do what you do; like the things that clash with his beliefs."

this may not be his exact words but i guess that's how a friend wants his message to be received. o baka naman medyo bangag lang ako that time? tsk, tsk, tsk!

but admittedly, i thought about what he said. siguro nga, many of you were offended with the things that i did before. i cannot blame you for that since we were all brought up differently. and i myself was brought up to respect other people's opinions.

however, if you hate me because i can do the things that you deem dishonorable (tama ba?), then it's not my problem. i guess my only fault is that i failed to recognize how you really felt.

but you were my friend and i trusted you in more ways than one. i valued your opinion on certain matters since we go a long way - way way before all this drama in our lives unfolded.

now that i know how you really felt, the feeling is all mutual. i don't think i can ever trust you again anymore. you don't deserve it.

and yes, you are one of those i wouldn't regret saying goodbye to.


to you guys, thanks for the invite last monday. it was, indeed, a pleasant way to spend a monday night. jason sends his regards to all of you.

pasensya na, tahimik lang talaga 'yun. but he's very much aware of what's happening. na-shock lang. hindi sanay sa maraming bakla, choz!


  1. me bakla ba dun? sa recollection ko, wala ni isa! :)

  2. Those who cannot accept you for what you are should look into themselves and see their flaws first.

    Glad you endured one of your greatest trial this several months. Cheers to the coming month. =)

  3. i imagine you saying those words in front of the person. you without batting an eyelash, deadmalicing the pawis dribbling down your neck...


    (and inggit sa gaybloggers(?) gathering...)