Thursday, November 4, 2010

day 10 | breakfast dates

firstly, i am not advertising anything.

i guess, one major drawback of working in opposite times is that our schedules seldom meet. i work on daytimes and jason does so in the night. this is why we are very careful in planning our activities especially since i am only off from work once a week. (oh, lucky me! ugh.)

friday is our official sex date day as we are both off on that day, however, as much as possible, we try to look for ways to meet up in between. at first, it might seem impossible considering the time and place but we found a manageable solution to it - breakfast dates.

and so, we meet at least twice a week for breakfast. of course, timing is crucial. it has to be between six to six-thirty. jason goes home at five, give or take 30 minutes. i, on the other hand, needs to be at work by eight; an hour of travel included.

and the place? the ever so trusty chow king at the corner of p. tuazon and 20th avenue.

funny. many of the staff there know us already. the minute we enter the place, the cashier manning the counter already knows our order. i admit, it's always the same food every time, plus a few add-ons when we're really hungry.

and jason and i have the same taste in food. kaya laging pareho kami - yang chow fried rice topped with pork siomai, kangkong, tokwa, and pineapple juice. omnomnom!

of course, it doesn't end there. there's still dessert inside the car.

oh you know what i mean!

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