Wednesday, November 3, 2010

day 11 | gabby

if ever i'm gonna have a pet, i want a puppy. a chowchow, perhaps.

but i don't want a dog!

wait, puppies are dogs.

yes, but they are cute little dogs.

i can't bear the big ones. afraid!

jason, on the other hand, likes them. in fact, he has a mini-pincher named gabby whom he loves dearly. i wish i have his patience, else, i would have thrown that little devil out of the window at the slightest provocation.

see, ang arte lang 'di ba?

buti na lang love ko 'yung may-ari!


  1. A Boston Terrier will suit you. low maintenance but cuddly and cute. =)

  2. Teka, ano ba tong binibilang mo? One year na ba kayo?

  3. ang cute naman ng may karga. este, ng kinakarga. hehe! :)