Wednesday, November 10, 2010

day 4 | baguio getaway

baguio was not our first out-of-town trip together but it turned out to be one of the most relaxing getaway we've had. the place, with its nice scenery and cold weather, provided the much-needed respite from the hassles of work and life in busy manila.

i guess it was correct decision to leave zoom-zoom behind. for one, i was able to sleep the whole time that we were on the bus, my hand holding jason's who's also sleeping beside me. paano ko nalaman 'to? feeling ko lang!

anyway, it was raining in baguio when we arrived at our hotel. sa totoo lang, wala kaming kaplano-plano when we went there. even the trip was not well-planned. nagkataon lang na nagtugma ang schedule naming dalawa so we decided to go away for a while.

kaya hayun, tamang food trip at palibot-libot na lang. it was only a one-nighter that's why we tried to make the most of that very short break. multitasking nga ang drama namin. isipin mo na lang, nagsusulat ako sa blog, kumakain, nanonood kami ng tv at nag-oh-oh-yeah moments all at the same time. oh dabah, ang saya!

after dinner, we decided to walk around the city with one thing in mind - maghanap ng gay bar. it was another spur-of-the-moment decision. hindi pa kasi kami pareho nakakapasok sa ganoong lugar at wala naman kami sa manila kaya most likely, walang makakakilala sa amin. yup, we decided na magpakabeki that night.

pero susko, nakapag-half-marathon na kami sa kalalakad e wala pa kaming nakikita. or maybe we were looking at the wrong places (i hate you, utopia-asia!). ang ending, sa hotel pa rin at nakatulog sa pagod ang dalawang bakla!

we woke up late the following day and enjoyed the king-sized bed even further. sulit kung sulit.

aba e, uuwe na kami in a few hours kaya kailangang makarami!

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