Tuesday, November 9, 2010

day 5 | meeting friends

i am referring to blogger friends, of course. right now, i still can't imagine introducing jason to my college and work buddies because doing so will definitely raise some eyebrows.

there were about three occasions already that i brought jason to and each one had been a good experience for him. shy and silent he is, i know, but that doesn't mean that he did not enjoy his company. he was just like that. sabi ko naman sa inyo, hindi 'yun sanay sa maraming bading. lalo na 'yung maraming maiingay na bading.

he was first introduced to my closest blogger buds during my birthday dinner. i can still remember his apprehension about meeting them, fearing that he may have had met them before when he was still, hmmmm, enjoying his singlehood. i did manage to convince him though but he had to go home a bit early since he had no sleep yet.

the second time was when migs invited us to join them for a lunch treat at the asilo de san vicente de paul in manila. it was one of our best dates ever and jason enjoyed it very much because he adores kids. he was even caught on video feeding this little guy and his smile was really priceless.

the last occasion was when gibbs and joel invited me for late night dessert at chocolate fire. it was also migs' despedida then and i brought jason along to meet them once more and to surprise gibbs who, for the longest time, had been bugging me for introductions (bleh!). admittedly, we became one of the hot topics discussed that night, all thanks to a recent issue i got tangled in. (negative vibes, shoo!)

of course, i had my share of meeting some of jason's friends as well. in fairness, kasundo ko sila, ha! it just shows that i am not as snob as others think.

then again, maldita naman talaga ko paminsan-minsan!


  1. so kelan namin sya ma meet naman?

  2. ay, napa-extra pala ako dito. parang baliktad lang--i thought it was jason who was bugging you for the longest time to meet meeh! choz! :)

  3. @mksurf8: soon. very soon. :P

    @gibbs: haha! lagi niyang nakakalimutan name mo. basta alam niya from inquirer ka.