Saturday, November 6, 2010

day 8 | baby talk

come to think of it, this, probably, is the height of our kakesohan. everytime we talk, we manage to squeeze in our own "baby language". like this morning when i dropped him off in his apartment on my way to work.

jason: text me when you get to work, ok?

johnstan: yup, yup. sleep well mamaya, ha?

jason: opo. sino wab mo?

johnstan: jayjay (his nickname) lang wabwab ko.

jason: e sino wabwab ng jayjay?

johnstan: present (hands raised)!

jason: (embracing me) johnstan ko to eh!

johnstan: (embracing him too) jayjay ko to, eh!

jason: pashok ka na po, baka ma-late ka.

johnstan: otei, awabu!

jason: awabu more. mami-mish kita!

cheesy, no?

okay, you can throw up now.

i promise i won't get mad.


  1. Awwww...

    That's so sweet...


    Just kidding JS. :)

  2. @guy: che ka, ahaha!

    @mksurf8: if i know, ganyan din kayo! lol.

    @angelo: :P