Friday, November 5, 2010

day 9 | not always smooth sailing

just like any normal couple (yes, with emphasis on the word "normal"), jason and i go through our ups and downs. i'm pretty sure some of you would remember my rants in this blog. those were times that i couldn't contain myself anymore and expressing myself in my pages is the only avenue i have in releasing my bad vibes.

still, i would have to admit that oftentimes, our disagreements are partly my fault. for one, patience is not really one of my virtues and there are many instances that i get irritated very easily. such would trigger a heated exchange of words with one of us walking out in the end. but as weeks and months pass, we learn to cope up with each other's behavior, or should i say, jason has learned to be more patient with me.

and many times, his patience was really tested.

i believe the first major fight we had was when i went to bed (the bar) without him knowing. truth be told, i did not go there looking for some hot action. it's just that i was invited by a blogger friend who came home from singapore.

i am most certain that he won't find out about that night, however, two days after, a few of our photos surfaced in facebook. it seems that blogger friend and jason had this photographer as common friend. hayun tuloy, huli. walang kalusot-lusot!

of course, we managed to surpass that incident but the biggest blow (no pun intended) on our relationship was when this blog was revealed. jason found out all my kalokohan and he was most upset when he discovered that i met up with an -ex. we almost called it quits right then. good thing clearer heads and open hearts prevailed in the end.

so you see, our relationship is far from perfect. in fact, a lot of times, we tread on dangerous roads.

but we get by.

with a lot of love and understanding.

and a sincere hope that every road block we face strengthens us more, keep us together, towards our journey to forever.


  1. Hah! Ngayon ikaw na ang guru pagdating sa m2m relationships! Kala mo ha, pansin ko ang mga entries mo lately! Hahaha!

  2. awwwww. mush-mush.

    congratulations at staying strong pa rin kayo.

    buti na lang walang photographer sa bathhouse. CHOZ!

  3. @dave: =).... :P

    @joms: hehehe, ganun talaga, dude! i swear, di ako inlababo. pwamis!

    @felipe: bathhouse? hahaha, kaloka!