Thursday, December 30, 2010

a note to remember

i think i died and went to heaven.

opening the gift that jason handed to me last night, i found this note carefully tucked in.

and he gave me a nat-geo-inspired shirt from regatta.

i love.


Wednesday, December 29, 2010

goodbye, boys

bwahaha! i knew it. bading ka, bading ka, bading ka!

one more.

bading ka!


heniwey, hindi naman talaga tungkol sa kanya ang entry na ito. kung bading siya, e pakialam ko naman dabah? pasensya na kasi, chismoso lang.

i guess the year 2010 has been good to me. medyo marami-rami naman akong na-accomplish, both personally and professionally. looking back, it was not an easy road but nonetheless fulfilling. sabi nga, great lessons are learned from experiences and i'm very much thankful that i had the courage to face life head on. kasi kung titiklop na lang ako basta-basta, baka kung saan na lang ako pulutin.

admittedly though, ang pangako ko last time ay hindi natupad. sabi ko pa naman, magtitipid ako sa 2010 pero hindi naman nangyari. next year na lang ako magtitipid. pwamis!

oo nga pala, i already left my condo in ortigas. kung reader kita, malamang alam mo na kung bakit. my partner and i are moving in together pero somewhere near lang naman. kaya sa mga iiwan ko dun, ang masasabi ko lang, goodbye, boys! (echoz.)

sa mga friends na nakilala ko through this blog, thank you all for a wonderful year. pasensya na rin kung wala ako sa mga events (me ganun?) recently. busy-busyhan lang talaga sa trabaho at sa buhay may-asawa.

sa mga frenemies ko, god bless. hahaha! ay, oo nga pala, i have a special message to one of you pero kino-compose ko pa. susko, ginulat mo ako ng bonggang-bongga, 'teh. pero i promise to respond soon.

ilang araw na lang, new year na. i hope it brings a lot of good things to everyone. we're all starting fresh again so let the lessons we learned from the past guide us in our new journey.

and oh, if any of you will be celebrating the coming of the new year together, invite niyo ko, ha. please. (haha, nagmakaawa!)

Monday, December 20, 2010

an early greeting

a few days from now and it's christmas already.

hopes are high. time for wishes to come true.

believe me. mine did.

here's hoping that happiness showers to everyone.

a very merry christmas from john stan and jason.

Friday, December 17, 2010

my unsolicited advice

oh my gulay, that incident (accident) happened ages ago! and i'm sure you knew the terms from the start.

i made it clear so many times - no expectations whatsoever. it was between two consenting adults.

at nag-enjoy ka naman.

at dahil malapit na ang pasko,

please move on already.

find your happiness. do not dwell on all things negative. sigurado akong alam mo na 'yan.

mukha ka namang matalino.

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Thursday, December 16, 2010

something to look forward to

it seems i am neglecting my blog again.

coming back from our singapore trip last week, i was greeted with loads of work waiting for my immediate attention. i guess it was really not enough that i already spent two months of being incommunicado. demanding is a big understatement for this job!

good thing it pays well.

and the few times i was able to save for myself i spent with the boyfriend. those times were heaven, i tell you.

by the way, i'll let you in on one secret. it looks like the days of living alone will end soon. oh, you know what i mean.

as christmas is just around the corner, i'm pretty sure this is gonna be the best season ever.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

random thought

last time i checked, i still have a life. i don't know where it is now.

malapit na ang pasko pero stressful pa rin. hay, i need some freaking "me" time!

teka, teka. why are you grinning? it's not the "me" time i'm talking about.

i have plenty of that. and more, ahihihi!

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