Friday, July 30, 2010

on a friday morning

i am now live-blogging here in a small coffee shop fronting the new dfa building in macapagal avenue near mall of asia. waiting ang beauty ko dito. kasi naman, bawal ang chaperon sa loob ng dfa premises. kaya eto, buti na lang may wifi.

jason is applying for his passport today. napaka-supportive ko lang, dabah? he will be joining me on my trip to singapore this december kaya keri na din. kaya lang, with him around, ibig sabihin ay behave na behave ako sa land of lah (sorry, judges!).

hindi na rin ako pwedeng tumira sa host ko kaya i have to book our accommodations na. and all plans to paint the town pink will not push through anymore.

hay, clean fun. di ako sanay. echoz!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

missed connection

oh yes, this is that one entry about you.

i knew you've been waiting for this for about six months already. this is supposed to be the entry that never made the cut. but i'm in such a foul mood today that i have thought of you. oh don't ask me why. i'm pretty sure you know all about it.

anyway, i was cleaning my iphone's yahoo messenger history when i saw our last exchange. do you remember that one-nighter? that one particular evening when i almost went out in the middle of the night (and a workweek) to meet you somewhere?

let me refresh your memory.

you: i did not invite anyone. i'm not ready. but you're an exception. i hope to meet you, if possible, tonight.

me: nah, i don't think so. we're not meant to meet yet. fate will definitely intervene. but who knows, i might just decide to drop by. i'll let you know.

you: fate will let us meet. i'll find you if you're here. tell me the color of your shirt. it can definitely guide fate faster.

me: basta, i'll let you know.

you: sige, pare. i hope tonight has been written in the stars... for us.

so there.

of course, we did not meet. i decided not to go to where you are.

yes, me. not fate.

after all, it was written in the stars that i will laugh at your last line. it's just too freaking cheesy.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

remembering cebu

i'm not really sure if this is an apt title. you see, what happened in cebu will remain in cebu. anyway, it's been what, like a year ago, and things like this are better left in the most distant part of the memory bank.

after all, it's not like we're meeting again. i have a boyfriend (at least i think i do) and with no plans whatsoever of visiting the south's queen city.

so imagine my surprise when i met him again face to face early this evening.

of all places, it has to be in my gym. but of course, he's quite popular now and my gym is known for sponsoring talents like him.

good thing i already saw him from afar. at least it gave me a few moments to prepare for the inevitable encounter. i'm not sure though if he will remember me.

as i approach the door towards the lockers, i saw him looking, his lips half-smiling. i nodded at him, acknowledging his greeting. oh yes, he did remember!

no words exchanged, only that fleeting slightly-awkward moment to reinforce that what we had, that one night we had, was a thing of the past. then again, it's not me in the awkward position.

after all, it was him who has more to lose. it was him,

my pbb alumnus.

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Monday, July 26, 2010

the chase | part two

there were already two people in the sauna when i went in. barely ten seconds passed when i realized that i barged in at the wrong moment. it seems that the territory has just been claimed. one is obviously going for the kill while the prey sat there silently, anticipating what happens next. he then looked at me and nodded. i pretended not to notice, looked away and proceeded to sit near the heater.

the tension in the air continued to seep through my senses. it seems that my presence will not stop them and i will be the unwilling witness to a literally steamy encounter.

"you want it hot? i'll serve it to you hot.", my lips formed into a mischievous smile as i entertained the naughty thought. i put some water into the heater and watched the steam rise.

"hmm, let me see if you can do your thing in this heat.", i thought to myself.

just then, the prey stood up and went outside. i saw him going to the steam room. the other one rose from his seat and followed shortly.

i was pleased. i now have the whole sauna for myself. i slowly inched away from the heater, careful as the wood starts to burn my skin. i shifted to a more comfortable position, closed my eyes and let my thoughts wander.

a few minutes passed when i heard the glass door slide. i kept my eyes closed but i can sense movement inside the room. however, the one who came in remained standing and again, i felt that familiar tension. it then started to envelope me and i felt his gaze pierce right through.

opening my eyes slowly, i saw the guy from the locker room standing near the door. he was staring at me intently and his hard-on is plain obvious beneath his towel. i tried to suppress a naughty grin but to no avail. he caught my reaction, removed his towel and sat beside me.

to be continued...

Saturday, July 24, 2010

the chase

the minute i saw him inside the locker room, i knew he's trouble.

since i was in the area, i decided to try the timog branch of gold's. i've heard some very nice reviews of the place from my home gym in ortigas and i became curious as to what this branch can offer to us clients.

of course, when i said "offers", i meant the amenities of the place as well as other perks and benefits that are available to us members. and yes, i did want to check out the market that goes there. i'm pretty sure you know what i mean.

anyway, after an hour of cardio and 30 minutes of free weights, i decided to wrap up already. as i entered the locker room, i saw this mid-30s-looking guy staring at me. "trouble", i thought.

it's not that he's not good-looking. in fact, for someone his age, he looks definitely nice with bulges in all the right places. i just found it rude that he's staring at me as if i'm a tender piece of meat on his plate ready to be devoured. he should have been discreet with his actions but seeing that we are the only ones inside the room, he made no effort to hide his intentions.

i immediately stripped to my boxers, grabbed my towel and proceeded to the wet floor. after a quick shower, i went to the sauna.

to be continued...

Monday, July 19, 2010

another storm in the horizon

nakakapagod din pala 'yung laging nagpaparaya.

nakakasawa na rin pala na lagi na lang ikaw ang nagso-sorry kahit wala kang kasalanan.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

the night before

i guess the funny thing about my relationship is that for me, jason and i have two important dates - the day we decided to be together and the day i decided for myself that i will finally stick with him. [come on, it's not that big an issue so lower your eyebrows, my dear readers.] today, we celebrate the former - our xxth's monthsary.

but this entry is not really about that. well, sort of.

as today is a workday, we're very sure that we'll never have any proper celebration. i work during the day and jason does during the night. my time out is his time in. so what we did was meet up last night and just spend some quality time together. but of course, the quality time happened after my usual tantrums over the most trivial of things. okay, okay. i blame my very low emotional quotient for that. good thing, jason is just so mature for his age. see, we really do complement each other!

anyway, we decided to grab a late dinner at pasto in el pueblo. [gee, i'm endorsing now!] it was supposed to be a quick bite as it's past 10 pm already but we really enjoyed our time together that we decided to linger for a while. we were talking about the world cup when, out of nowhere, jason mentioned that he's quite good with flags. so we played a game.

and damn, he's good! out of the 30 or more flags that i showed him on my iphone, he managed to correctly identify everything but two - kyrgyzstan and congo. i was really amazed. and why won't i be? he was able to identify peru, belgium, mexico, argentina, brunei, vatican, iceland, british virgin islands, norway, siberia, jamaica, morocco and egypt. easy? well, even the likes of kiribati, curacao, papua new guinea, seychelles, turkmenistan, tanzania and nicaragua he got correctly. crazy, huh?

that's when i told him he's the love of my life. but he didn't buy it.

he said it's such a cliche' already. so he challenged me to up the ante.

john stan: uhmm, you're the center of my universe?
jason: ordinary.

john stan: uhmm, you're the pot of gold at the end of my rainbow?
jason: not good enough.

john stan: uhmm, you're the virus in my computer?
jason: you're using a mac.

john stan: wait. uhmm, you're the mildew in my toilet?
jason: gago! sige na nga, pwede na 'yung center of the universe.

and that, my friend, is the story behind my latest facebook shoutout which reads, "late dinner at pasto with the center of my universe". cheesy, i know!

of course, the story after dinner is much more exciting but better left untold.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

ménage à trois

three characters.

let's call them p, c and r.

two of them are partners.

the other two are best friends.

that's what they say.

funny, they always hang-out together.

all three of them.

even when the two partners

celebrate their special day.

both partners are quite a catch.

so is the best friend.

simply a wonderful set-up it seems.

hmmm, i guess i should go and ask p about the real score.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

buhay may-asawa

busy-ness kung busy-ness. 'yan ang drama ng buhay ko the last few days.

susko, nagtampo na nga ang asawa ko dahil hindi ko masyadong nadiligan ng ilang araw. at dahil sinabi ko sa kanya kaninang umaga that we won't be able to spend the day together on friday, hayun, naghalo na ang balat sa tinalupan.

para makabawi, i devised a very brilliant plan. hindi ako nagparamdam for the rest of the day. kunwari, nagtatampo din ako. and when he took his first break at 9:00 pm kanina lang, nagulat na lang siya because i was already there standing in front of their office's main door.

mabilisan lang dahil one hour lang ang break niya. we drove somewhere near and had a very nice dinner in a cozy restaurant na parang kaming dalawa lang yata ang customer. feeling ko naman, appreciated ng asawa ko ang effort kaya happy na din. at sa bandang huli, ayun ayaw ng bumaba ng sasakyan. tinatamad na daw siyang pumasok.


nagsumbong nga pala sa akin ang asawa ko. may dalawang beki sa office nila ang umaali-aligid sa kanya. 'yung isa, team leader mula sa ibang account. ma-effort ang beki, kinaibigan lahat ng tropa niya hoping that he'll get close to jason. pero dahil kilala na ako ng dalawa sa mga close friends ni jowa sa work, bantay-sarado siya.

pero mas nakakaloka 'yung isa. in many occasions na pupunta ng comfort room si jason, nakasunod ang bakla. one time, jason was all alone inside the cr when the beki occupied the urinal next to him. susko, naninilip ang ang loka. syempre nagalit ang asawa ko at nagsumbong sa team manager niya. pasalamat siya at 'di ko siya kilala, otherwise, baka kung saan siya pulutin. marami na kaya akong na-hit and run. echoz!


last bonding moment pala namin 'yung visit sa asilo de san vicente de paul last saturday. that visit has been a really wonderful experience to both of us that's why i want to thank mgg for extending the invitation. korek, na-introduce na ang asawa ko sa high society.

kaloka, muntik na din ako mabuking!

anyway, with migs' permission, here is the short video of that trip. nandiyan kami ni jason. hulaan niyo na lang kung sino-sino kami diyan. good luck.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

a new dawn

nalintikan na.

i was planning to retain the original look but somehow, i failed to download my old template and lost everything. oh well, it was probably the universe conspiring again to make me go towards that bold new image i'm thinking about.

now, would a new john stan even be remotely possible?

i hope.

and with that, i invite you to watch out for a more exciting,

more revealing,


laglagan kung laglagan na

what happens next, season 2.

Friday, July 2, 2010

a gentle reminder

guys, i have said it before and i will say it again,

"if we had sex on the first date, that means we'll never see each other again."

please don't think that i kept your numbers.

and more importantly, expect me to decline your invitation to meet again.

nagmamalinis na ko, ibalato niyo na sa akin 'yan...

Thursday, July 1, 2010

month-end | stressed

yes, i'm guilty. i bribed a certain mmda officer. i was too tired to argue with him and i can already sense the greed reverberating from his voice as he speaks to me. now, i'm off the hook with nothing else to worry about.

what a way to end the month of june!

but of course, there are still a few things to keep me busy:

- the preparation for the 30-day project is already underway. i have seven major upgrades and three regular personnel to delegate the task to. i'm not sure how we can pull it off but i'm hoping that my luck will help me finish everything. oh, good planning and hard work, too.

- my lola is still in the hospital. that explains the few updates during the past week as i go to the hospital every night after work. i'm happy that she's recovering well considering that she's 87 years old already. now i only hope that my wallet recovers at the same rate - lots of shopping to do.

- i haven't had sex for the longest time now. professional and familial obligations had kept me from meeting with the boyfriend. good thing he's sleeping over this friday night. that should be fun. at last, something to look forward to.

hay, i really need a good sleep. i hope july will be so much better.