Sunday, October 31, 2010

confirmed booking

hu-well, hu-well, hu-well... for sure, kahalayan na naman ang naisip niyo, choz!

buti na lang pala at naisipan kong buksan ang aking personal e-mail, otherwise, i wouldn't know na may confirmation na ang accommodations namin for singapore this december.

pasok na pasok na itey. see you in the land of lah. and please, please, please, don't let me go to funan mall.

maawa kayo sa credit card ko!

Monday, October 25, 2010

my chef

susko, natawa naman ako mga 'teh sa clamor na i-post ang video ng asawa ko habang nagluluto! unfortunately, jason does not want that clip floating around cyberspace. kasi naman, in the closet din ang drama ng lolo nyo.

but he did agree for a sneek peek. kaya eto, hope this one suffices.

sample pa lang 'yan, mga 'teh!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

me, so far

oh dear, i really don't understand what's happening to me lately. i've been trying to come up with blog posts for the past few days and yet all i could boast of are a bunch of unfinished entries. most of the time, the idea comes instantly but it seems i'm having a little bit of difficulty sustaining the drive to write. maybe i'm losing it already, no? that or i am just too busy with my so-called life right now.

i would have wanted to write more about that day when jason decided to cook his pasta specialty for me. he made this wonderful carbonara that i ended up eating all by myself though he did manage to touch a spoonful after cooking. it was really a delight to my tastebuds but more than that, what i enjoyed more is watching him cook wearing only his red boxers. such a pretty, pretty sight. good thing it's all on video.

then there was this instance when we were about to sleep and he asked me if i wanted a massage. of course, who am i to say no, right? i was quite surprised since i didn't know he could do that. i stripped to my boxers while he went to the bathroom to get some lotion. who knew i was in for another surprise when he came back with nothing on. and so, that massage came with extra services on the side, all for free.

i would have wanted to rant about work, too. you see, october came and brought loads and loads of work for me. shutdowns are the busiest of seasons and what made this one more challenging is the fact that i have to report to work for 30 days straight. so for the mean time, no happy times for dear old john stan.

and zoom-zoom, yes, don't get me started with that little imp. oh, don't worry, he's all fine. it's just that he seemed to enjoy draining my bank account lately. from the annual insurance to the preventive maintenance, i spent more than 50,000 pesos already. and now, i have to replace all four tires if i still want to drive around accident-free. that's another 20k. great. just great.

i can't wait for october to end. come now sweet november and let the moolah start pouring!

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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

coffee break

i was half-smiling when i read about someone's latest sexual escapade. i don't know why. maybe because it reminds me of the time when i was still walking in his shoes. oh yes, when people were all too familiar with the name john stan and the adjective, verb and adverb it represents.

looking back, if it weren't for those moments of wild abandon, i wouldn't have met the tsunami of my phuket.

so you see, my "kalandian" paid off after all.


pasensya na sa mga kaibigang hindi ko masyadong nakakaharap ng face to face lately. medyo busy lang ang kumare ninyo. alam nyo naman, career-woman. plus, jason and i are planning something big next month.

you'll soon know why.


napansin ko lang.

kung kasinlaki kaya ng bibig ko 'yung nasa avatar ko, ilang saging kaya ang pwede kong isubo ng sabay-sabay?

oh my, talentado!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

zoom-zoom at two

it's been exactly two years today since i got you. at kahit magastos ang maintenance mo, i have never ever regretted getting you.

thank you for the more than 27, ooo kilometers of happy memories. you have been such a dear friend.

truly, i couldn't have asked for anything more.

Monday, October 4, 2010

another revelation

i have been in a relationship for almost a year already but i am still crushing on this korean-looking dude. the ad was taken a few years back so just imagine him hotter and more mature now.

naku po, baka may magsabing lumalandi na naman ako!

*photo posted with consent from owner.