Tuesday, January 4, 2011

the first of many

who dates on a monday?

apparently, we do!

and for our first date for the year, we had a full-packed day.

a. gym - need all that endorphins to jump start our day.
b. registration for the condura skyway run - kinda' pricey, don't you think?
c. shopping - after much looking around, i got to buy a nice stylus for my ipad.
d. lunch at recipes greenbelt - crispy tilapia, for the win!
e. watched "ang tanging ina" - good laugh. seriously.
f. snacks at wendy's - i missed their shrimp burger.
g. watched "rpg: metanoia" - good cgi. actually better than what i expected.
h. chinese food dinner - for that much needed dose of vetsin!

we got home very late and a bit tired but what the heck?

we're both happy.


  1. happiness --> bottom line.

    good good.

  2. nice monday date! :)

    what distance did you sign up for in condura? i signed up for the 21K. MAHAAAL!

    crispy tilapia at recipes is supppeeerrr!!!

    rpg was a surprise, right? it was the best film among all the mmff entries, imho. :)

  3. @paci: yup, i so agree!

    @angelo: susko 1150 pesos for 21k, di ba? nakakaloka, ang mahal sa skyway!

    @jason paul: haha, yup, pwede kahit kelan.