Saturday, January 1, 2011

new year rush

omg, it's new years day and here i am remembering that i haven't booked our accommodations yet for our boracay trip next month!

i hope we can still get a decent place since it coincides with the chinese new year celebration. for sure, the place will be packed.

but i'm sort of in a predicament right now. you see, jason and i promised to be matipid this year that's why i'm very careful in choosing our hotel. still, i don't want to sacrifice comfort and service quality as this is a 4-day trip so those kubos and backpacking inns are big no-nos.

so far, after much research, i narrowed down to the following three (3) choices:

1. astoria boracay resort - 3 stars, station 1, beachfront, new, most expensive among the three but the package includes airport transfers already. around 15k.

2. grand boracay resort - 4 stars, station 2, located at d' mall. around 13k, airport transfers aside.

3. erus suites hotel - 3 stars, station 2, located on the other side of the main road. around 10k including airport transfers.

so what do you think?

but if you have other suggestions, feel free to comment. i'd be more than glad to consider your feedbacks.

or kung may alam kayong discount or cheap packages diyan, so much better. pa-share na!


  1. The best place to stay in Boracay is in Station 1. What I love most in Boracay is waking up and literally stepping out from your rooms' door to the beach. We always stay at Blue Lily Villa. Location wise it is the best. Second option is True Homes (right beside Blue Lily). Those two are relatively cheap. Hindi kayo magsisisi :) Astoria is over rated for me.

  2. hi i am not sure where you got your information for the astoria boracay but i wanted to take this time to correct the information you indicated in your entry.

    astoria boracay was recently given the accreditation by the department of tourism as a triple AAA resort, the local rating which is equivalent to a 5 star hotel / resort. The rating of astoria makes it in the same category as shangri-la boracay, discovery shores, fridays, two seasons and others in station 1.

    hope this information provided helps in making a decision for your coming bora trip.

    many thanks.

    john tanjangco marketing services consultant astoria hotels and resorts

  3. @rob: thanks for your suggestions, rob.

    @johnny: i got the info from a website review. anyway, thanks for clarifying things. unfortunately though, i booked another hotel already.

    i actually wrote you, guys, an email regarding vacation packages but no one replied. too bad.