Sunday, February 20, 2011

the lady in black

from the window, i can see jason slowly being swallowed by the river. i tried reaching for his hand but to no avail. he's being pulled away and i can see the look of horror on his face.

i went out of the house and crossed towards the other side. i know that the river runs through there where the water is shallow. from afar, i see jason sitting on a tree bark, crying. i slowly approached him.

"john stan, kukunin ka daw niya. hindi ka daw niya titigilan!"

"sino? sino siya?"

i suddenly woke up, water splashing on my face. it was dripping from the ceiling. how did this happen? it's not even raining outside. where did all this water come from?

i stood up and walked towards the door. i turned on the light but nothing happened. i opened the door and brightness sets in. as i was looking inside my room, i saw a female figure standing at the foot of my bed and near the window.

sensing my fear, she slowly approached me. there were no footsteps heard, as if she was floating on mid-air. she held out her hand, trying to reach my face.

ringgggg... ringgggg... ringggg...

i woke up to jason's call.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

zzz | vack with a vengeance

in fairness, uma-arts and culture lang a la gibbs cadiz!

last night was the premiere run of zsa zsa zaturnnah for this re-staging. para maiba naman, gora kami ni jason sa ccp little theater (tanghalang aurelio tolentino) para bumooking together. chos.

this is the first time that i saw the play and i liked it lalo na at ang daming check sa audience. chos ulet! though kung technical-technical chuva ang pag-uusapan, e wala akong masyadong alam dyan. basta, natawa ako. yun lang.

especially to gabe mercado's stellar performance as didi.

tuxqs rutaquio, the actor who played ada, was really good, too. in fairview, hindi siya nagpahuli kay eula valdes who played the title role. and of course, as expected, pinky amador shined as the queen bitch.

rocky salumbides was a revelation. he should stick to modelling na lang, hahaha! pero susko, ang sarap-sarap niya, mga 'teh.

zaturnnah runs until march 13 kaya go na mga beks!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

i'm no grammar police but

it was last tuesday when we encountered a major (major?) trouble in our system. in the middle of that dull afternoon, all plant operations went kaput. the usual noise that we hear from the huge equipment was replaced with unbelievable silence and everyone literally wondered what went wrong.

after a quick analysis, we were able to trace the problem back to our control system. and since it fell on my area of expertise, it was up to me come up with the best solution at the fastest available time.

we were able to resume operations an hour after. then, i had a short meeting with the area managers and discussed with them the cause of the problem and the steps undertaken to correct it. however, since most of the items i was talking about were technical in nature, they requested me to draft a report "in layman's terms" for them to understand the situation better.

when i opened my mailbox the next morning, i found this reply from one of the area managers.

Thanks John Stan.

In the possible cause of the problem, is an error that occurs in the ECS through NOE A link as it switches to link NOE B the link is busy. What will happen to this error/s and how will it be resetted? Does this will not causes congestion of errors then later will give traffic and busy signal to the system and will cause again communication error if ever another switching is required? Please give us your insight on this.


Area Manager

i was at a loss for words.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

boracay epilogue

i don't know how to make you feel secure again. but one thing i'm assuring you - that i messed up once and it will never happen again.

i love you.

ganyan lang kaming magtampuhan, nag-i-english. ang sakit lang sa patilya, dabah?

kagabi lang ulit kami nagkita ni jason after what happened last sunday. i must admit, i was hurt then and my initial reaction was to retaliate. in fact, kinakabahan nga daw siya dahil hindi ko siya inaaway and he can only guess what's going on in my mind. truth be told, before we talked, i already know what i have to do.

i was on messenger with a friend lunchtime yesterday. after recounting what happened in boracay, i realized that what jason did was something i could have done as well, maybe even worse. and the hurt i felt stemmed from the fact that i was really disappointed with his actions. i used to think he was different; that he is even more serious with this relationship than i am.

and i aspired to change,

for me.

for him.

for us.

but along the way i forgot that jason is as human as i am - prone to temptation and capable of making mistakes. it's like seeing my old self manifest in him. but unlike me who ran away from my past transgressions, he chose to face me head on - asking for my forgiveness, asking me to stay.

and i did.

i forgave.

i stayed.

this is not to defend his actions for what he did was terribly wrong.

this is just me giving the person i love another chance at happiness.

in fairness, mature-maturan...

ps. salamat po sa lahat ng suporta. i appreciate your concern, friends.

Monday, February 14, 2011

(un)happy valentine

hindi lang pala ako ang marunong gumawa ng kalokohan.

it was yesterday, in boracay, on our 15th month together, when i found out that my partner do it as well. kung hindi pa siya nalasing, hindi ko pa malalaman.

then again, i should know better than be sad. i used to play this game so well.

and times like this, i don't get mad.

i get even.

Friday, February 11, 2011

boracay virgin

i just found out that it's my jowa's first time in the island.

kaya pala hirap na hirap akong hilahin siya pabalik sa hotel namin. susko naman, nagpapa-tan daw siya e dinamay pa ko. after a few hours, siya tanned na samantalang ako, namumula!

by the way, i-feature ko daw siya. nagmamaganda ang lolo ko.

"blur ko ba 'yung face?", tanong ko.

"huwag na, naka-shades naman ako, eh!"

okay fine, ikaw na ang out. chos!

photo posted with consent from owner.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

a date like no other, yet

it's the annual hot air balloon season once again.

i remember it was last year during our v-date when i admitted that good old john stan is already very much taken. much as we would like to go back to clark for this event, jason and i already made other plans.

for a valentine's date, yes. and to celebrate our 15 months together.

see you on thursday, boracay!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

drawing inspiration

after a two-month hiatus, ayun, nakatakbo rin ulet ang john stan. imagine, last official race ko e sa singapore pa last december. hongtogol na 'nun!

condura is my first race for 2011. this early, i know that i was not able to set a new personal record. kasi naman, longest run ko na 'yung 10-kilometer practice run which i did last wednesday.

ewan ko ba. para kasing nawalan ako ng gana sa pagtakbo. kanina nga, when i was running at the skyway, i was asking myself kung baket ko ba ginagawa ito.

"dahil sa boys!", maliksing sagot ng utak ko.

seriously though (susko, serious daw), gusto ko lang naman makapag-full marathon kahit isang beses lang. after that, magreretiro na ko sa running. kaso ayun nga, nakatamaran ko na lang bigla.

and the reason why i did condura e dahil nakakahinayang ang registration fee na higit one kyaw!

but i must admit, na-miss ko rin pala ang running kahit konte. kanina nga, kahit tapos na ko, i lingered for a while near the finish line to watch the runners cross. nakakatuwa lalo na yung mga full-marathoners na medyo may edad na.

na-inspire naman daw tuloy ako.

kaya sabi ko sa sarili ko, i will pursue this hobby. kahit isang 42-kilometer lang, masaya na ko. kahit abutin pa ng 6-hours. ang cute kasi ng medal, nakakabali ng leeg sa laki. echos.

pero syempre hindi lang 'yan ang nagpa-inspire sa akin.

merong isang full-marathoner, hubad baro ang drama. pagliko pa lang niya on his way to the finish line, kita na ang abs na nagmumura. hot hunk!

kaso habang papalapit, parang nag-iiba. ayan na, ayan na, hot hunky hipon pala! susko, bad gurl talaga ko.

may isa pa, si gwapong bonnet guy. he ran 21k at nagpapa-cute na sa madlang people 'nung start pa lang ng race. e pinulikat yata kaya last kilometer nya e puro walking na lang. parang gusto ko tuloy hablutin ang race bib nya at sabihing,

"ako na ang tatapos ng race mo."


ay, salubong na ang kilay ng jowa ko, tama na 'to.

awabu jason!

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Friday, February 4, 2011

a wedding vow

i was listening to gino and fran the other night when i realized that it's the love month already. that night's topic was a very fitting welcome to february most especially to the romantics at heart, and yes, to those who dare not admit that they are also such.

that night's program was all about wedding vows and they were asking the listeners to send in their contributions. i must admit, there were some that were really cheesy but i guess this is one of those times when we are allowed to be outrageous and just say what we really feel.

as for me, i won't be sashaying down the aisle with my monique lhuillier gown anytime soon but isn't it wonderful to write my wedding vow now? i mean, when i'm at that point already, what will i really say?

i guess it will be something like this.

i've met quite a few from grindr,
bedded some from planetromeo,
hooked-up with a few from mirc
but none of them compared to you.

you are the sun that brightens up my day.
you are the rain that wipes my tears away.
words are not enough to express how i feel.
but all of it, to you, my heart will reveal.

with the Lord as my witness
and as everyone here will attest.
i offer myself to you - heart, body, mind, and soul.
you are my only one and these are my only words.

i promise to love you, in this lifetime, and hopefully, in the next.

cheesy much? hehehe!

ikaw, what's yours?