Wednesday, February 16, 2011

boracay epilogue

i don't know how to make you feel secure again. but one thing i'm assuring you - that i messed up once and it will never happen again.

i love you.

ganyan lang kaming magtampuhan, nag-i-english. ang sakit lang sa patilya, dabah?

kagabi lang ulit kami nagkita ni jason after what happened last sunday. i must admit, i was hurt then and my initial reaction was to retaliate. in fact, kinakabahan nga daw siya dahil hindi ko siya inaaway and he can only guess what's going on in my mind. truth be told, before we talked, i already know what i have to do.

i was on messenger with a friend lunchtime yesterday. after recounting what happened in boracay, i realized that what jason did was something i could have done as well, maybe even worse. and the hurt i felt stemmed from the fact that i was really disappointed with his actions. i used to think he was different; that he is even more serious with this relationship than i am.

and i aspired to change,

for me.

for him.

for us.

but along the way i forgot that jason is as human as i am - prone to temptation and capable of making mistakes. it's like seeing my old self manifest in him. but unlike me who ran away from my past transgressions, he chose to face me head on - asking for my forgiveness, asking me to stay.

and i did.

i forgave.

i stayed.

this is not to defend his actions for what he did was terribly wrong.

this is just me giving the person i love another chance at happiness.

in fairness, mature-maturan...

ps. salamat po sa lahat ng suporta. i appreciate your concern, friends.


  1. Good to know you figured this out as quickly as you did. Tuloy ang ligaya...

  2. congrats!

    tama. ang kaya niya lang naman talagang gawin ngayon eh mag-apologize at mangako. gamble on your part na maniwala. at hanga ako sa tiwalang binibigay mo ngayon.

    fan pa din ako ng loveteam niyo. =D

  3. wow! nakaka-comment na ko..yehey!!

    i'm glad to know okay na kayo.

    walang formula ang isang relationship, kahit may established prescription ang society at ang mga sub-societies kung ano at paano ba dapat ang relationship. kayo pa din ang magdedefine ng what is proper and what is improper..

    pero the thing is, you have every right to protect yourself and the value you place into the relationship you have with him.

  4. All's well that ends well =)


  5. sex doesnt equate love. the secret of a long and happy relationship is having an open minded relationship...but never go for open, its a different just say'n

  6. Glad that John Stan didn't bite through it...

    Belated Happy Valentine's Day to you and Jason.


  7. i hope the renewed promise and reaffirmation of faith will eventually evolve into one of your sturdiest cornerstones :)

  8. ohhh happy ending.
    everybody deserves a second chance