Thursday, February 17, 2011

i'm no grammar police but

it was last tuesday when we encountered a major (major?) trouble in our system. in the middle of that dull afternoon, all plant operations went kaput. the usual noise that we hear from the huge equipment was replaced with unbelievable silence and everyone literally wondered what went wrong.

after a quick analysis, we were able to trace the problem back to our control system. and since it fell on my area of expertise, it was up to me come up with the best solution at the fastest available time.

we were able to resume operations an hour after. then, i had a short meeting with the area managers and discussed with them the cause of the problem and the steps undertaken to correct it. however, since most of the items i was talking about were technical in nature, they requested me to draft a report "in layman's terms" for them to understand the situation better.

when i opened my mailbox the next morning, i found this reply from one of the area managers.

Thanks John Stan.

In the possible cause of the problem, is an error that occurs in the ECS through NOE A link as it switches to link NOE B the link is busy. What will happen to this error/s and how will it be resetted? Does this will not causes congestion of errors then later will give traffic and busy signal to the system and will cause again communication error if ever another switching is required? Please give us your insight on this.


Area Manager

i was at a loss for words.


  1. Engineer yan, I'm sure... bayaan mo na. Haha.

  2. Ang sabi nga nila, basta magaling sa math, kadalasan ay bopols sa english. Vice versa. Lol.

  3. Mas nakakalokah ito kesa sa na-encounter ko dito nung nag-crash ang system: "the server is hung [nag-hang daw ang server]".

  4. maraming ganyan sa call center. galore kung galore! hehehehe.

  5. aaaaaaaaaaaah may English for specific purpose na tinatawag...

    pero yung English used by engineers eh parang hindi naman dapat ganyan... hehehehehe

  6. Mu[g]en said...

    Ang sabi nga nila, basta magaling sa math, kadalasan ay bopols sa english. Vice versa. Lol.

    of course not! :P

  7. Well, go ahead and give Area Manager your insight. :)

  8. @Eternal wanderer : salamat sa iyong suporta :P

  9. ganyan ang grammar ng mga taong nagsusulat ng articles sa kumpanya namin. kulang na lang tubuan ako ng fallopian tubes sa pag-eedit