Sunday, February 20, 2011

the lady in black

from the window, i can see jason slowly being swallowed by the river. i tried reaching for his hand but to no avail. he's being pulled away and i can see the look of horror on his face.

i went out of the house and crossed towards the other side. i know that the river runs through there where the water is shallow. from afar, i see jason sitting on a tree bark, crying. i slowly approached him.

"john stan, kukunin ka daw niya. hindi ka daw niya titigilan!"

"sino? sino siya?"

i suddenly woke up, water splashing on my face. it was dripping from the ceiling. how did this happen? it's not even raining outside. where did all this water come from?

i stood up and walked towards the door. i turned on the light but nothing happened. i opened the door and brightness sets in. as i was looking inside my room, i saw a female figure standing at the foot of my bed and near the window.

sensing my fear, she slowly approached me. there were no footsteps heard, as if she was floating on mid-air. she held out her hand, trying to reach my face.

ringgggg... ringgggg... ringggg...

i woke up to jason's call.


  1. si mama nagiging ominous and all pag nananaginip siya ng madaming tubig. may parating daw na pagsubok. magdasal daw kami and all.

  2. that's double dream/dream within a dream
    naka experience narin ako ng ganyan

    but yours is scary, mine is naghty