Monday, February 14, 2011

(un)happy valentine

hindi lang pala ako ang marunong gumawa ng kalokohan.

it was yesterday, in boracay, on our 15th month together, when i found out that my partner do it as well. kung hindi pa siya nalasing, hindi ko pa malalaman.

then again, i should know better than be sad. i used to play this game so well.

and times like this, i don't get mad.

i get even.


  1. Did he do it there?!? Or was it a past act revealed?

  2. it was a continuing act... behind my back.

    and yes, he did it there, too.

  3. Now im feeling sad. Bakit ngayon pa?

  4. When I think you have become the best because of him ?

  5. by trying to get even, you lose.

    don't, mr. stan. just don't. =[

  6. ooooooooooh darling you don't just get even...

    you get the odds!

    flip ng hair!

  7. Punyeta, dapat TALAGA nasa Boracay ako NGAYON.


    Hayaan mo na. Bakla naman eh. I think it's normal for gay people to be foolish once in a while. Lalake kasi eh. Tulad ng mga tatay natin mga naging babaero.

  8. this got my attention. please be wise in handling this situation.

  9. Oh shit. Sorry I didn't ask you how things were I thought everything was fine and sandy este dandy.

  10. John Stan, you know that revenge is best served cold...

    This one is a test, would you bite it?

  11. friend, hinga muna nang malalim, ilang ulit. tapos isip-isip. sana maayos n'yo rin kaagad ang gusot.

  12. awts!
    siguro naman may explanation kung bakit nya ginagawa yun
    siguro ay isang pagsubok lang yan sa inyong relasyon
    siguro... (nuninuninu)

    you know best, and your heart knows better

  13. Hey John,

    It is weird how I feel about this. (quiet pause) I guess it is because this is one part of your life that I really was able to witness and I really was genuinely happy for you.

    What can I say that you don't already know? I too, know the pain you feel right now. And know no words can soothe it.

    Sure, we can say, hey that's okay because we're gay and we can't keep our dicks inside our pants. But I'd like to think we can aspire to be different. I know you did.

    As for what happens next? You will tell us.


  14. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I agree with Pipo. Don't get even.