Friday, February 4, 2011

a wedding vow

i was listening to gino and fran the other night when i realized that it's the love month already. that night's topic was a very fitting welcome to february most especially to the romantics at heart, and yes, to those who dare not admit that they are also such.

that night's program was all about wedding vows and they were asking the listeners to send in their contributions. i must admit, there were some that were really cheesy but i guess this is one of those times when we are allowed to be outrageous and just say what we really feel.

as for me, i won't be sashaying down the aisle with my monique lhuillier gown anytime soon but isn't it wonderful to write my wedding vow now? i mean, when i'm at that point already, what will i really say?

i guess it will be something like this.

i've met quite a few from grindr,
bedded some from planetromeo,
hooked-up with a few from mirc
but none of them compared to you.

you are the sun that brightens up my day.
you are the rain that wipes my tears away.
words are not enough to express how i feel.
but all of it, to you, my heart will reveal.

with the Lord as my witness
and as everyone here will attest.
i offer myself to you - heart, body, mind, and soul.
you are my only one and these are my only words.

i promise to love you, in this lifetime, and hopefully, in the next.

cheesy much? hehehe!

ikaw, what's yours?


  1. John!!! Nakakaloka ka. Yan talaga?????? You'll say it in front of the whole church? Hahahaa


    p.s. how is the live-in?

  2. ay sis pwede ba akong mag-flower gurl sa kasal nyo? choz!

  3. @kane: rough draft pa lang 'yan. who knows? i can be more brutal on the actual wedding day. LOL.

    @felipe: che ka! ikaw kaya ang nagturo sa akin nun. hehehe!

    @mike: why not, chocnut?