Tuesday, March 29, 2011

genuinely happy

i don't know. i guess it's part of growing up.

finding out recently that some people i dislike i'm not really close to are now in their respective relationships, i can't help but be genuinely happy for them. after all, they waited for so long and i just wish that they will learn to nurture what they have right now.

pwamis, walang halong kaplastikan, walang taas-kilay ever.


  1. mare, tumaas ang aking kilay hanggang sa 3rd floor na di ko namalayan tapos biglang naglaglagan ang mga orocan ng kapitbahay. bakit meganun? lol!

  2. Maybe because a part of you is hoping there's a change of attitude once the people you dislike finally discovers

    love. :)

  3. hhahaha oo nga wla akong naramdaman na sarcasm sa post na ito bwahahha...:P