Friday, April 22, 2011


i went home for the holidays.

buti na lang maaga akong nakauwi. at nakaiwas sa traffic at sa laksa-laksang tao na aakyat ng antipolo for the annual pilgrimage. isa pa, matagal-tagal na din akong hindi nakauwi.

the last time i went home was last christmas pa.

anyway, as usual, tinatamad pa rin akong magsulat kaya heto, puro random photos muna.

syempre, ako na ang nagpi-picture-taking habang nagda-drive. napaka-unsafe ko lang talaga. heniwey, here's the welcome arch to my humble province.

heto naman ang eksena kaninang umaga. every year, may parade ng penitensya sa harap ng bahay namen. kakainis lang, wala man lang hunky sa mga 'ito. echos!

at dahil walang magandang palabas sa tv, heto at super-tiyaga ako sa panonood ng koreanovela entitled "my princess". o 'di ba ang beki lang? naman, kapag si song seung-heon ang bida at ganito ang scene, aangal ka pa ba?

and finally, dahil birthday ko ngayon, heto ang hiniling kong regalo sa nanay ko. ang cute lang, noh?

enjoy your holy week guys!

Monday, April 18, 2011

on top

remember this?

it was a special course conducted by the university of the philippines - national engineering center covering theories, practices and applications related to our industry. the program ran for four weeks at one week every month since january. there were 25 of us in class.

we finished the program last week and had our graduation friday afternoon. we were told that they will be awarding the top five students in our class, a tradition practiced since they started offering the course.

kaloka lang since we really do not know how each one of us fared in the exams since the results were not given. and after much suspense, i finished as class valedictorian.

susko, ang vongga!

at siyempre, dahil top, may award!

isang vonggang-vonggang... certificate. kalurkey lang.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

a speechless moment

everyone was firing questions at jason and he, shyness and all, tried to answer each one to the best of his knowledge. then came the clincher question from mgg.

"so sanay ka nang nakabukaka?"

"hindi naman ako bottom e."

just then, the camera panned out from him, eventually refocusing to me. i was now on the spotlight.

my freaking god!

everyone was laughing wildly so it's a good thing that my asawa was quick to clarify.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

i started a joke

so yesterday was april fools' day and i decided to pull a prank to all my friends.

just as i expected, most of them thought that zoom-zoom got carnapped. i received several messages on my phone asking me what happened and one colleague even called me up to inform me that he has an uncle working at camp crame who can probably help me on my "problem".

since i'm not known for cracking jokes at the office, they really thought that it's all true.

on a different note, i was at the gym lunchtime yesterday and overheard these two supposedly straight guys talking inside the locker room.

guy 1: buti na lang 'di umiitim 'yung paligid ng eyes ko tulad ng sa 'yo.
guy 2: moisturizer lang ang katapat nito. kesa naman ikaw, naglalabasan na ang mga wrinkles!

mind you, they are both big hunky men, the "bortang-borta" types. oh well, i can never be sure. after all, being gay, like beauty, is skin deep.

suddenly i don't feel unique and special anymore.