Thursday, May 5, 2011

everyday realizations

oh my god, ayaw akong tantanan ni chaka khan from my previous entry! i just found out last night na gym mates pala kami. nakakaloka!

anyway, segue lang naman yun. hindi naman talaga about him ang entry na 'to. kailangan ko lang isulat, haha!

i went to my bank last night prior to going to the gym. since it was about to close, there was a fairly long line at the counter. i thought it was fine tutal coding naman ako.

there was this one guy ahead of me who caught my attention. gaga, hindi dahil gwapo siya or whatever! it was just because you wouldn't regard him as someone who goes to the bank because of the way he looks.

oo na, judgmental kasi ako paminsan-minsan.

when he was called at the counter, he handed the teller his passbook, a deposit slip and two one-thousand peso bills. i saw the teller smile at him.

"ang laki na ng ipon, sir!"

"kailangan e. para sa mga bata."

i looked at my hands with the bills of the same amount. but unlike his money, mine was payment for my monthly satellite cable subscription.

i suddenly felt ashamed.


  1. awwww.. pusong mamon ka naman pala eh :) sometimes we do take things for granted, I feel guilty also..

  2. This is pretty amazing.

    John Stan judgmental?

    Perish the thought!

  3. life teachesat lessons at the most unexpected settings.

  4. Awwwww. Nakakakonsensya naman. Kasi minsan ganyan din ako. :(

  5. "oo na, judgmental kasi ako paminsan-minsan" --- ahhhmmmmm... minsan minsan lang naman diba john stan =)

    Pero I think what made you wonder about him is perhaps because of the location of the branch. Maybe because he stood out from everyone else "because of the way he looks" (to use your words) IN THAT BRANCH.

    But if you go to other bank branches in other locations that aren't as posh as let's say Makati, I think you'd see a lot of people like him. =) And in that place, perhaps you'd be the odd man out.


  6. okay lang yan, john stan. :)

  7. teka out of topic..

    taga nueva ka rin? ;)

    lol perstaym here.