Sunday, May 15, 2011

five years later

it was supposed to be my specialty.

my section handles measurement of quartz crystal through gamma ray diffraction and i was in-charge of the operation and maintenance of our x-ray spectrometers. my japanese mentor made sure that i know everything about the whole process so that when everyone else fails, i will be the one to step in and save the day.

fast forward to a few months later.

my mentor was already back in japan when news of further studies on spectroscopy spread in our department. it will be held in one of japan's major research centers and to be sponsored by our mother company. since the training was specific to my process, my name was instantly in the front line.

however, i found out from one of our area managers that my immediate boss talked to our japanese department head. he wanted the opportunity for himself. and he got it.

the day he left for japan was also the same day that my resignation became effective.

that was five years ago.

in 2009, my previous company ceased their philippine operations.

and today, may 15, i celebrate my fifth year at my third, and hopefully, my last job.


  1. Living well is the best revenge, john stan.

    That, and a mummy's curse or two.

  2. stan, ano work mo, are you a geologist? well judging from your post parang you specialized in crystallography? :)

  3. John Stan, do I detect a little smugness in this story? Beh buti nga! Hahahaha.

    You know, I have a friend who does the same thing as you do. He's very goodlooking; too bad may boyfriend ka na.


  4. Gahaman si immediate boss!

    Napadaan si Cinderella.